Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You're NOT a Domme

Ugghh… I get annoyed when I often see comments regarding a particular act as being submissive in nature and therefore Dommes shouldn’t do that.  For some reason it’s been popping up a lot lately again.  So a fun little quiz for everyone…

Imagine the scenario, I’m pegging my boy, but he is on top.  He controls the speed, rhythm and penetration.  But it’s still me penetrating him.  Knowing just how I like it, but not being told to… my boy rides me to not one… not two… but three huge orgasms.  Mine, not his.  But after my third he is so close he begs to cum and I let him.  All over my chest. 

Who’s the Dominant?   Who’s the submissive?  

I was the bottom, he was the top.

I was the penetrator, he was the penetrated.

He had control, I simply received the sensations.

My pleasure came first, his came second (and by command I may add).

In the end, who really cares?!?!?!  

If I actually worried about how acts were perceived, I doubt I would have had one orgasm… my brain would be on overload.

Would it change the answer if I were to say that was a small snippet of playtime on my birthday to where my boy completely surrendered his body for my use, abuse and pleasure? 

How ridiculous is this debate anyway?

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