Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Parading the Cuck Around

For the most part, our kink is something we keep primarily behind closed doors.  It’s pretty rare to find parties where we can relax and just be who we are and enjoy it.  So when the IR party invite came around, it seemed like the right group to, well, basically let our hair down.   Our profiles are always pretty upfront and blunt about what we are and what we like, so people had an idea of what to expect.  Plus, after accepting the invite, we had quite a few attendees message us with questions about us and how we enjoy cuckolding. 

So when it came time to dress the cuck, we went for his whole sissy cuck ensemble.  Dressed in his hot pink shirt, which had “Her Little Bitch” written on the front and “Certified Clean-up Cuck” was written on the back.  He wore his black, lacy panties and lacy, black, thigh-high stockings.  He wore a pair of black footie socks over the stockings, just to keep them from running.  And we topped of the outfit with his collar and leash.  (And yes, he had his pink Holy Trainer on under the panties)

As we headed out the door, he stayed a couple steps behind, as I draped the leash over my shoulder.  The pink leash in sharp contrast with my little black dress.  We wandered down the hall like that with me stopping to socialize with those I recognized or introducing myself to those I didn’t.  It was so much fun getting my flirt on, and my cuck stayed diligently in the back ground, head lower and face a bit pink.  For the most part, a number of people didn’t react to his dress in anyway, but those that did were all positive responses.  The women tended to comment on his stockings, the men seemed to focus more on the shirt.  One gentleman took in the whole site and simply said, “You are definitely ready for business!” He was introduced to everyone as my little bitch.  While I did include his first name so that people could choose what they felt more comfortable with, it made me smile when a few like using his title. 

We finally made it to the other end of the hotel, where we found the hostess and chatted with her a bit while getting our party fees paid.  Since a small group had formed, we stayed and chatted for a bit before heading back to our room for the evening.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Naked in the Kitchen

I love watching him naked in the kitchen.  Not exactly sure why.  I mean, I love him naked and him in the kitchen means I’m NOT in the kitchen.  Though, it’s more like a heartwarming moment that just makes me melt and love the little bitch all that much more.  I mean, there he is, slaving over the stove, making me something tasty while butt ass naked so I can sit and stare at his cute butt wiggling around the kitchen.

Tonight he’s being cute and coy about it.  Sneakily starting up dinner while I was catching up on a TV show, it took me a few minutes to get wise that he was doing more than refilling a drink.  I ask him what he’s doing… “Cooking” he teases. 

“What are you making?” I ask.

“Food” is all he says with that guilty smile.  “Go back to watching your show.”

I giggle and let him have his way.  I go back to watching my show.  A quick stop by from a friend dropping some stuff off.  Not ten minutes after our friend left, then I look up to see his naked ass bouncing around my kitchen.

“Mmmmmm, when did that happen?”

“When you weren’t looking”, he said with a little wink and crooked smile.

“Uhuh…Doesn’t the smart ass need a good smacking?”

“Maaaaybeee!” as he wiggles his ass at me in temptation.

I laugh and shake my head, then settle into watching the show.  The muscles that flex as he moves back and forth.  The little jiggle in his ass cheeks when he turns suddenly.  The way he sort of waltz around the kitchen with purpose and grace.   Occasionally I’ll get a hip shake just to tease me.  Just SEXY!!!

Plus, it’s a fun power trip as I watch him balancing plates to serve me where I sit.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Disappearing Act

As he walks through the door, you busy yourself with taking care of his needs.  You join in on the conversations as he and I play catch up with each other.  But when we start kissing, you quietly disappear into the back ground.


As clothing gets peeled off, you scurry around the room picking up each item and neatly folding them up.  We taunt and tease you as we get each other all worked up.  We push you away and get lost in each other again.  You disappear into the background.


You collect our things as we head to the bedroom.  You set to task getting thing arranged just right as we fall into the bed.  We enjoy interrupting your tasks for our silly little whims, a bit of fluffing, even a bit of showing off your little trick of rolling on a condom with your mouth.   But as he enters me for the first time, you disappear into the background.

 Such a good boy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Daddy

Have I left you hanging long enough? 


Too long you say?


Maybe you need to wait a little longer?


I kid, I kid.


Yes, I had the wonderful experience of the fattest cock I’ve ever seen about a month ago.  I’ve seen it a couple more times already. 

The beautiful cock is attached to a wonderful man that the cuck and I enjoy calling Big Daddy.  Standing at 6’ 7” tall, with broad shoulders and muscles everywhere… the BIG refers to more than just his cock.   A complete gentleman out of the bed, a wild animal in the sack. 

But that cock… OMG!!  It took two hands to wrangle that thing, but it felt AMAZING!  After his first visit, I gushed about him for over a week.  My poor cuck… just mere mention of Big Daddy would send him near the edge and made for some great humiliation. 

Like D and Mr L., Big Daddy just knows how to hit the right buttons and sex with him is just pure bliss.  By the time he leaves, I’m a complete puddle of goo.   Physically and emotionally drained, yet utterly content and satisfied.

Looking forward to many more visits too come.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I know, it's been quiet here.  But I just had to take a moment to share that I just fucked the thickest cock I have ever seen.  I'm talking fatter then a beer can thick.  Needless to say, still on cloud nine.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blasts from the Past

LOL... I just realized it's been nearly two months since my last post.  I actually had a nice HOT story going of a wonderful play session with my boy and I.  I had made it 3/4 of the way through when I had to leave to perform the daily mommy shuttle services.  Sadly, I forgot to save it as I walked out the door and my computer was kind enough to remind me why that's an important thing to do.  Trying to recreated it was a huge bust!

That said, life has been sort of mulling along here for the last couple of months.  We haven't been able to enjoy ourselves nearly as much as we would like.  The ex is still doing quite a bit of traveling, so the kids have been here more often then not.   My boy has also been extra busy and stressed on the job over a nice, big contract that will likely roll into some wonderful referral opportunities for him... so being a supportive type, I've greatly eased up on him to give him the freedom to do this job in full OCD fashion.

Though our last kid free weekend, I had the most interesting phenomenon occur.   We were constantly being contacted by several past lovers that had been written off due to schedule conflicts/ new love interests in their lives.  I had a wonderful time reconnecting with DM over an afternoon sex fiesta.  While he is never out of the rolodex, it's been nearly a year since we've managed to synch schedules.  We also had a great time with another gentleman whom I had only had the pleasure of playing with once at a hotel party nearly 2 years ago.  We had try to set up a solo night with him about a month after the party which never managed to happen so we had completely lost touch with him.  Low and behold, he caught us on IM one evening so we threw caution to the wind and said WTF.   He ended up being a lot of fun one on one and got a kick out of the fact that I was killing time pegging my boy waiting for him to show up.  Last but not least, D has been knocking on the door again.  Apparently, things are over with his girlfriend and he is interested in started back up again.   He's taking a little issue with the idea that he has to wear a condom again, but it's been over 2 years since we've been anywhere near regular with him and I'm not one to take chances that way.  I'll admit, my fingers are crossed we may have luck getting things going again.

Of course AJ has been around a few times over the last couple of months.   He has really turned into a fun, stable lover for me.  The pup has been around too, though, as much as I have with him in the sack, I'm finding we just don't connect a whole lot anywhere else.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Peg Goodnight

We enjoy video recording pretty much ALL of our play sessions.  We've started to prefer watching our own home made porn to the crap we tend to find on line and I have a lot of fun adding these videos to our normal tease routines.  But after 4 years of being together and recording all the mayhem we tend to get into... we now have a couple HUNDRED hours of video in desperate need of editing down into more consumable bites that eat up a little less space.

After spending a number of hours digging through all our videos and starting to tackle the big job of editing them down... I came across a little gem of a pegging session that we both became entranced with watching.  The original was nearly 2.5 hours long. It took a good deal of work to cut it down to a nice 24 min porn film.  I have to admit, watching the final product... I was a bit proud of the outcome and really wanted to show it off.  So, after a little deliberation... I decided to stick it out there for others to enjoy

This is how I enjoy curbing my hunger when my lovers are too busy for a visit.