Friday, August 29, 2014

Disappearing Act

As he walks through the door, you busy yourself with taking care of his needs.  You join in on the conversations as he and I play catch up with each other.  But when we start kissing, you quietly disappear into the back ground.


As clothing gets peeled off, you scurry around the room picking up each item and neatly folding them up.  We taunt and tease you as we get each other all worked up.  We push you away and get lost in each other again.  You disappear into the background.


You collect our things as we head to the bedroom.  You set to task getting thing arranged just right as we fall into the bed.  We enjoy interrupting your tasks for our silly little whims, a bit of fluffing, even a bit of showing off your little trick of rolling on a condom with your mouth.   But as he enters me for the first time, you disappear into the background.

 Such a good boy!

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