Friday, March 23, 2012

A new level of comfort

We had a wonderful play week last week.  My vacation time was blessed with gorgeous weather, allowing me to spend some wonderful time in the sun.  We also had a couple of wonderful visits with D.  He is becoming a regular habit of ours and I know I am very happy.  I had thought about trying to write about the encounters, all the fun, hot steamy details, but I found that words escape me (probably why I haven’t posted in a while).  A play by play just came across too dry and failed to capture the intensity of all the little moments.  I tried to write about the emotions, but it didn’t make as much sense without all the before and after.  Trying to put it all together proved to be too much of an undertaking for this overly busy career mom.  Needless to say though, we both really like D and look forward to his visits with more enthusiasm then we have with any of the others we’ve played with.  We’re not ready to stop looking, but he has become our favorite by far… so much so, my other regulars are starting to whine about lack of time!  Sometimes a woman’s work is just never done.   Sigh.

D isn’t very aggressive and hasn’t been overly interested in being an active participant in the more kinky activities… but he is an amazing lover with great stamina and the wonderful ability to recover quite quickly.  He’s also very much a “go with the flow” type and seems to really enjoy watching all the off the wall stuff we come up with.  What it amounts to is allowing me the freedom to take our playtime in whatever direction I feel like.  There’s a steady flow and rhythm to what goes on that seems to transition so smoothly from activity to activity.    When the ropes, or whips or dildos come out, he usually finds a spot with a good view and an intimate touch.  Just makes everything that much more steamy!

The unaware toy

You look so innocent, vulnerable, sweet.  Your head lying on my lap while the rest of you lays curled up next to me, so warm and inviting.  You’ve succumbed to the exhaustion of our earlier play time.  As you lay there, I just can’t resist the sweetness of it all.  I begin rubbing your hair, stroking your arm.  You hum with contentment.  I smile.  I switch to a bit more of a groping, gently grabbing handfuls of skin and tissue.  Lightly tugging, rolling the skin between my fingers, you moan a bit of painful delight.  I move back to you hair, never losing contact. Stroking it slowing till I feel you drift back off again.  Then grabbing a handful and squeezing, you gasp lightly.  I relax my grip and I feel you sink further into my lap. Soon, it all starts turning into a lovely game for me.  Relaxing you, stirring you back, then sinking you even lower.  Until finally the snoring begins, and I know your off into your dreams.

There’s something just so honest, so open, so vulnerable about you in that moment.  I find it so irresistible, that I don’t even care that your hovering somewhere been sleep and the living. I can’t/ won’t stop the urge to play with you this way and I love the fact that your conscious is barely even aware of what I doing.  But your subconscious just screams with approval.

Monday, March 12, 2012

In the pokey

“How could you poke with any expectation that I won’t stir?”

“But, I can’t help it.  It’s purely impulse”

“Oh I get that.  You have to poke and I have no desire to break that habit.  It’s the begging for mercy after poking that is in question.”

“how so?”

“It’s counter-intuitive.  You poke me in order TO make me stir and yet, you don’t really want me to stir… so then why poke me in the first place?”

You pause for a moment, trying to calculate your way out of it.  Yet all you managed was a sheepish “because I need to?!”

I laugh rather loudly.  “I wonder if those impulses could be better controlled if you had to pay the price more often.”

With eyes wide in shock, you whine “But I’ve been a good boy, haven’t I?”

“Yes, yes” I say reassuringly.  “Yes, you’ve been a very good boy.  I’ve been very happy with you these past few weeks…

but it would be a very fun experiment!”

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"I have to work"

The morning started earlier than expected, but it was the start of my vacation, so my mood was rather chipper considering the hour.  You shake your head madly when I mention a morning play session. 

“Have to work today” was your claim. 

 I simply replied, “Ok”.

Minutes later you walk past, and I sneak a finger through your belt loop, pulling you back to me.  You give me a quick kiss before I quickly spin you round, pulling your jeans down just over your ass. 

 I don’t know what it is about that view, but I love it.  That ass just prominently on display, your clothing leaving the rest of you in obscurity.  

 I begin poking, pinching, kneading and then finally smacking that beautiful mark in front of me.  Under the tender assault, you begin to slowly lean forward, ensuring the target is even more prominent.  A few more smacks, and I know if I don’t stop now, you won’t be making it to work anytime soon.  One good hard smack, and...

 “off you go”, giving you the out you need.  But instead, you just stayed there, half bent over, bare ass hanging out.  

 Now, this may be the point where a good Dominant would forcefully send you on your way to work, but we both know that’s just not me.  

I shimmy the pants down a little further, giving me access to your cock and balls as well.  I then begin the assault on your ass, playful smacking, mixed with the occasional blows that make you jump.  Occasionally, my hand sneaks around and teasing your cock to life only to rain another round of blows on your ass once again.   

Soon your pants have wiggled all the way down to your ankles, and you’ve manage to sneak one foot out.  Opening your legs wider, I reach under and wrap my hand around your balls.  Pulling you back into me, I pick up the pace and intensity of my smacks.  At first I feel you trying to escape the onslaught, but the pressure on your balls keeps you from going too far.  I don't slow down.  Eventually, you relent and I feel you nearly sink into my arm that’s between your legs.  You feel the pressure and without thought, begin rubbing your as along my arm.

“Mmmmm, there’s my nasty, little slut”, I whisper as my other hand reaches around and grabs hold of your cock.

“Yess” is about all you can hiss as your wiggling on my arm becomes more desperate.  I smile, grabbing you by your hips and pulling you down into my lap.  Grabbing a handful of hair, I bend you backward till your ear is close enough.

“You are a nasty little boy, aren’t you?”


“And it’s been a while, hasn’t it”


“Then show Mama just how bad you want it” and with that, you begin gyrating wildly on my lap.  Calling you all kinds of nasty names, I egg you on. Then. just when I have you at that completely desperate point, that point I know I could make you do just about anything, I push you off my lap and with my foot, I shove you across the room while I sternly say...

“Now, Time to go to work”...

While pointing my finger up the stairs.

Miss me?

Watching you scramble down off the couch and kneel in front of me, I feel my heart flutter.  It still gets me, how much the simple, little things you do that makes me catch my breath.  As you settle down in front of me and raise your eyes just in time to catch sight of my hand right before it smacks you hard across your face.  The shock and fear had barely begun to register across your face, when my other hand grabs you harshly around the throat.  The fear quickly washed over your face then and I felt that little familiar twinge.  I just hold you there, staring you, my eyes only inches from yours.  Watching the fear give way to confusion and then come back again masked behind that smile of yours.  That devil on my shoulder smiled, as I began pushing up on your throat, watching you scramble to get on your feet before you lose your balance completely. I continue pushing up and back, laughing madly inside, as you try desperately to find your feet and soon tiptoes as you madly crash into the door.

“You miss me baby?” I whisper to you, quickly closing the gap, pinning you to the wall with my body.  Before you can answer, I smother your mouth with mine, kissing you madly.  I snake my hand up through your hair, grabbing a fistful and pushing your mouth further into mine.   Then pulling it away, I step to the side and forcefully shove you to the floor.  Down you go, dutifully on all fours. Expecting a punishment maybe?  Instead, my foot lands squarely on your back, pushing you down flat.  I stay that way for a while, my foot pressing into your back, letting my imagination run through all the possibilities, desires.  Then that crooked smile creeps over my face and I let go…

“It’s going to be a long night baby” are the last words you hear for the night.