Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Cuck has a Bad Day

Mr L was due to arrive early that afternoon, but it was pretty apparent my cuck had woke up in a bad mood.  Work related stress and a lack of sleep were leaving him a little short on temper, but like a good cuck, he worked through it as he busied himself getting the house ready.  It’s always a little bit of a downer when my cuck isn’t bubbling with excitement right alongside me as we prep for a visit from one of my lovers.  He dutifully goes about doing all the things expected of him, but the teasing and ribbing that usually goes on is sadly lacking.

As Mr L.’s arrival begins to rapidly approach, a misstep on my cuck’s part is discovered and he doesn’t take it very well.  In that moment I get concerned as to how the afternoon is going to go.  I kneel him down for a quick chat as to what’s going on.  It’s far too late to call off Mr L, so it becomes a decision of whether or not to just sit him in a corner and keep him out of the way or see if he is still capable to serve in his normal capacity.

He insists he is capable of still serving, but I decide we’ll keep even that minimal, at least at first.  There’s the question of the punishment he has coming with Mr L.  I insist he take it, for me.  I knew it would be hard for him, but I also felt we had set a tone and level of expectation with Mr L that I wanted my cuck to understand I expected him to up hold.  I positioned myself at my cuck’s head during said punishment so I could stroke his hair and whisper words of encouragement.  He suffered admirably, but I could still sense the detachment he had in place to make it through.  

Normally, when my cuck is in a bad mood, once my lovers and I get lost in the heat of passion he usually comes around and is more his normal cuckold self.  This day, it took until almost the end before I could sense the shift in him.  As he stepped in to clean us both up, his usual exuberance was starting to shine through.  By the time we were saying our goodbyes at the door, my playful little bitch was back to his normal self.

It’s times like this where I really have learned to appreciate how cuckolding works so well for my boy and I.  When we were first starting out, times like this would make me quick to pull the plug or, if we couldn’t, at least take things down to their minimal levels.  Overtime, my cuck showed me his willingness and ability to see these moments through.  It was hard to come to terms with the idea of seeking out my pleasure when I knew he was suffering in very non-sexy ways.  But he encouraged me to put myself and desires even ahead of his needs in this area, and I began to understand how much he needs this as much as I do.  I’ve cucked him when he was sick, stressed, tired, bad moods, even once on the heels of an argument.  Without fail, he serves to the best of his abilities and never once has it failed to produce a happy, loving cuck when all is said and done.

Friday, March 28, 2014

As the Cuckold Turns

Well… once again, it’s been awhile.  Life around here has been merrily ticking along a rather chaotic pace.  Hectic work schedules for the boy and I, plus a little chaos via the ex, meant playtime was a bit non-existent through Jan and Feb.  We’d sneak a little fun in when we could, but it was rare.
Sadly, through the chaos, we lost touch with Mr L.  I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed about it too.  Playing with Mr L was fun and hawt.  I felt like we clicked on a lot of levels and was looking forward to seeing where that relationship might have developed into.  While I suspect the lost contact was primarily due to our inability to free up time that worked with his schedule as well… it’s hard not to delve a little deeper and wonder if there was more going on.  

Most of men I had enjoyed were more mildly kinky guys with aggressive, assertive tendencies.  I’m not a submissive type and most of our focus has been finding the type of men who are sexually compatible with me.  While we’ve had a lot of luck finding some wonderful men to play with, one thing I noticed a lot was no real desire in dominating my cuck at all.  They all would get wildly turned on when I would actively dominate him, a few would pass a few orders threw me, and some gave it the old college try but it was easy to tell they just didn’t enjoy it.  

So we started looking more toward dominant types.  While the encounters themselves have been great and no one has tried crossing boundaries or seem to complain… we also haven’t had any of the dominant types last much more then 2-3 encounters.   It’s hard not to wonder if my lack of submissiveness plays a factor in that.  Not that it really would matter much, it’s hard for me to change my nature and I’m not entirely sure I really want to.

But disappointment aside, we’ve had some hot fun nights.  AJ has steadily become a regular at our place.  We even managed a fun tag team night with Aj and the Chemist.  The Pup has managed a couple more appearances and we’ve enjoyed having him.  There was a nice reconnect with D2 as well.  

On the chastity front, the birdlock turned out to be a HUGE dud for us.  While it lived up to its billing as extremely comfortable to wear was spot on.  The fact that it would literally fall off on its own while he slept at night pretty much made it worthless for what I was looking for.  Feeling a bit determined to find something that would work for us, I sent the boy searching again and low and behold, we found a relatively new device called the Holy Trainer.  It’s designed for simplicity, comfort and discretion and I’m happy to say its living up to its billing so far.  We’re still in the breaking in phase, but so far I’m pretty happy.