Saturday, June 30, 2012

As the Week Turns

How to describe the rest of Tuesday night… that bleed into Wednesday and then vanished into Wednesday night?  




MIND BLOWING!  Yes a Mind blowing, soul changing, completely magical passage of time.  As a new Domme, there are moments as I slide down the rabbit hole where I swear I can feel a fundamental shift in how I think, how I see, how I feel.  Kind of like having something buried deep inside that just erupts to the surface with such force that I literally feel it.  Tuesday night was one of those nights.

I had already cucked him with both D and whom I’ll have to call D2.  Both very hot, sexy, gifted, well-endowed men that left me feeling very sexually satisfied.  Now, earlier that day, during his spanking, he had been told there would be no sleep till I pegged him.  So once my studs had left, we took a bit of a break.  Grabbing a bite to eat, shoring up some plans for the weekend and chatting about us, D/s, and kinks.  About 2am, my boy finally disappeared to the bathroom to get ready.  Shortly after, we began.  And we played, and played, and then played some more.  In the living room, the bedroom, down to the basement.  Intense moments, bonding moments, sexy moments, and just plain Grrr moments.  Somewhere about 7am we took about an hour break for breakfast and quick rinse offs… but neither one of us was ready for bed.  So back to the bedroom where I tortured and cared, beat and devoured, fucked and made love to my boy till 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.  When we finally passed out for a few hours, we were still rubbing and wiggling against each other.  

Trying to decide how to write about it was difficult.  There’s no way to capture into words what really passed between us that night.  Writing about all that happened would take a lifetime without ever doing it justice.  "Filling you up" is just a small snippet of that night, but the best moment to capture how the night went on.  

The best part, we awoke Wednesday to another visit from a new stud that turned out to be incredible.  G was a very quiet, polite gentleman… and I worried he may not be anything near what I am looking for. But something told me to relax and his sexiness made it easy to do so.  But once he got comfortable, he turned out to be amazing.  Not quite as good a lover as D, but damn near close.  Though the quiet man turned out to be a rather forceful, take charge kind of lover who just loved the role play of being the bull.  Looking forward to his return.

Sadly, Thursday night, my boy started in with a nasty cough.  I’ll admit to feeling a bit guilty that I may have played him sick.  Though truly deep down, it was such an amazing night, I still feel it was worth it. 

 Poor boy!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Filling You Up

The night had been intense.  We’d been playing for so long and so hard, that we had seen the sun come up hours before.  Deep down, I was exhausted and achy, but one look at the hunger and desire in your eyes and I felt perfect once again.  

In two long strides, I’m quickly on top of you.  Hand on your jaw to keep you still, I devour you with deep passionate kisses.  I feel you desperately trying to push into the kiss, but instead I push you away, forcing you down to your knees at the edge of the bed.  With my harness still on, but the bottom strap undone, I climb up on the bed on my hands and knees.  You quickly try to fix my strap, but I swat you away. 

 “Kiss my ass, bitch!” I order and you quickly bury your face between my cheeks.  I feel your tongue begin to lovingly lick me all over back there.  Your licks and kisses are soft and sweet, yet I can still feel the intensity radiating from you.  That desperate concentration to ensure I’m happy.  You grab a hold of my hips to press in deeper as I sink back into the sensations.   I let you continue for a bit as I relax under the warm attention, saying nothing more than “Good boy”

Soon I push you off and roll over to my back.  Placing a leg on each shoulder, I just look at you as you stare like a little kid on Christmas morning.  

“Make me cum”, I whisper and you dive as if you were starving.  I tap your head with my foot.

“Start slow, build up gently” I demand and immediately you settle into the task at hand.  I lay back and relax… letting the sensations wash over me.  Heavenly is the only word that springs to mind as I feel the pleasure building inside.  As it builds, it soon becomes too intense to relax anymore, and just then a wicked thought enters my mind.  I wrap my legs around your neck, holding you in tight.  I grab a hold of the back of your head and bury your face into my pussy.

“That’s it bitch, make me cum.  Make me squirt in your mouth and down your throat. ” Your tongue begins exploring in earnest, knowing exactly how to deliver what I’ve asked for.  

“That’s it, right there boy!  Get that clit.  Make me cum, bitch”, I demand in a deep raspy voice, as I feel the orgasm build. “Make me cum and then lick that cum all over my cock”

No sooner than the words had come out of my mouth, you began licking like a crazed man.  The frenzied pace gives away your desire, and I smile such an evil, wicked smile.  I just love it when I find a sweet spot.  “We really do fit so damn well together”, I think inside my head.  To you, in that deep wicked tone of mine, I say…

“Mmmmm, You nasty little slut!  You really like that idea, don’t ya?”

“MmmmmHmmmm” you moan into my pussy, while your head begins to shake furiously up and down.  I laugh hysterically at your desperation.

“You dirty little whore.  You know I’m going to fuck you with that cock, all covered in my cum.”
Your body begins to shake violently as I speak.  You’ve become so desperate; you no longer even hit the right spots to get me to orgasm anymore.  And yet, it just touches me so deep inside, it makes me quiver to near orgasm anyway.

“That’s it boy, get that orgasm” I begin to coo.  It slows you down just enough to get back on track.

“Get that clit… suck it.  SUCK IT, BITCH!”

And then the world explodes.  I gush all in your mouth.  I hear you gulping, as you try to get it all down.  As you climb up, grabbing a hold of my cock and madly trying to shove it down your throat… I realize my mistake.  As I watch your tongue frantically all over my cock, half licking, half rubbing, I realize there isn’t enough cum.  I WANT MORE!

Placing my foot on your head, I shove you off my cock

“Make me cum again, bitch” and I watch you move slowly, eyes darting from my cock, to my pussy and back again.  I can see the conflict in your eyes, undecided on which one you want more.  But like the good little boy you are, you do as your told, and begin to bury your face deep into my pussy again.  Just as you start licking, I whisper harshly…

“Make me squirt again bitch, and this time you’re going to hold it in your mouth and spit it all over my cock.  I want it covered in LOTS of cum so I can drive it deep inside your ass.”  You hesitate as you try to register my order through the thick haze in your head.  I feel you stiffen as you finally grasp the command and you quickly dive back in, focused and driven to fill your mouth as quickly as possible.  I’m so far inside my head that in no time, I’m once again gushing into your mouth.  I open my eyes in time to watch you spit a huge mouth load of cum all over my cock.  Then I watch as you lovingly wrap your lips around it and ever so gently slid your mouth down the shaft.  Almost as if you’re trying to say thank you without opening your mouth.  I place my foot on your shoulder to gently shove you off, but you resist, not wanting to stop. I place my other foot on your other shoulder and forcefully shove you off and back into a standing position.  You whimper in disappointment.

I push myself up off the bed and next to you. Pointing down, I say sweetly, “Now fix my strap little boy”.

You drop to your knees and scramble to find the strap.  I jut my ass out as you slide the strap between my legs, giving it a little wiggle as you try to snap it into place.  As soon as it clicks, I turn slightly, wrapping my hand gently around your face.

“Such a good boy.  So eager, so nasty” as I slide my hand down your cheek.  As it falls off your jaw, I swiftly bring it back up with a nasty smack to that same cheek.

“Now get that ass up on the bed, Momma’s gonna fuck you good!”

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fetish or Obsession?

Ever wonder what the difference was?  Is there even a difference?  It’s a fun little banter between the boy and I.  He’s obsession with my feet.  The foot porn entry?  It’s what really happens, what goes on here in the household.  But the pounce?  It’s not him dropping to his knees to kiss or lick or worship my feet in any way.  He is obsessed with tickling my feet, which coincidentally are extremely ticklish.  He is so completely enamored with the way it makes me laugh.  It’s not my feet that turn him on, but my laughter, reactions, and the end result that drive him mad.  Somehow it nearly always leads to some tussling match between us, which ends with me putting him back in his place.  This isn’t a once in a while thing either.  It’s nearly daily.  Matters just get worse if my toe nails are freshly painted.  “Like painting a bull’s-eye on them”, he claims.  Clearly an obsession. 

So why don’t I stop the behavior?  It’s his face.  His emotions will play across his face almost in a cartoon fashion.  The giddiness when he spots them.  Stealing glances like a kid trying not to get caught staring at a cookie jar.  The mischievous look when he tries to slowly sneak a hand over to get a hold of them.  The guilty look that flashes right before he feigns innocence when he is caught.  Then that final look of determination, punishment be damn, when he can’t stand it all any longer and he pounces.  In a way, it’s a type of foreplay we can do regardless of who is around.

But that’s just it.  If kids are not around or sound asleep, this will often result in sex.  Fun, steamy, sexy sex.  All from tickling my feet.  So even though my feet don’t actually turn him on like they would a person with a foot fetish, I have no doubt the resulting fun and silliness does.  You might say he has a tickling fetish, as I’m ticklish everywhere and he will tickle all over, but the obsession is with tickling my feet.  So is it a fetish at all?  A foot-tickling fetish? LOL
Who knows, but it does make life interesting around here.

Foot Porn

I sit on the recliner, my feet propped up and on full display.  You sit across the couch watching TV.  Crossed at the ankles, the toes begin to slightly rub against each other.  Their bright red toe nails tenderly caressing each other as I type on the laptop.  Out of the corner of my eye I catch you staring, that small, half grin of desire crossing your face.  I giggle inside.  Interlocking toes, one foot curls under the other in that cute pose that drives you crazy.  This time I turn my head and look at you as you quickly duck your head and turn a light shade of pink.  

“Are you staring at my toes again”

You shrug sheepishly, stretching out your arms to indicate that you just can’t help yourself when they’re out there like that.  To which I reply by simply rubbing one foot up and down my bare leg.  Glaring at you with that evil smile as if to say “I dare you”.  You smile at me, but back down for now.
Some time passes by, I’ve curled my feet up next to me.  You watch closely to see if I’m absorbed enough in whatever I’m doing, hoping to catch a moment I’m not paying close enough attention.  Your hand sneaks out across the couch.  Slowly your hand creeps till it’s with inches of my foot when…


 You quickly withdrawal your hand, sulking at your failed attempt. 
Now it’d my turn to grin, that wicked grin that knows exactly how this will end.  A few more failed attempts as I watch the sulking slowly turn into determinations until finally…

You pounce!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Suck it up Big Boy

The thing I enjoy about D, is that the sex continues to be amazing and fun… regardless of what gets thrown at us.  Generally with D, we schedule with him early to ensure I get to play with him.  So color me surprised when he hobbled up to the door in a walking boot.  A broken foot from playing with the boys this weekend.  But the man was NOT going to let a little thing like a broken foot get in his way.  Of course keeping him off his foot and in comfortable positions while we went at it showed off his very creative side, as he introduced a couple of positions even I had never done before.  

I’m not sure if he was being a bit more reserved due to the foot, or if I was feeling a bit more aware to ensure I didn’t bump it, but somewhere in the middle of the fun the chemistry shifted.  It was as if the sex became more… animalistic.  Tough to explain considering our normal chemistry is already lusty, wild and rough, but usually you can see how we both release into the rhythm of the sex.  This was just the opposite.  More focused, centered almost to point of heightening senses.  The smell of his sweat, the low grunts he lets out when he breathes, the touch of his fingers on my skin.  The grabbing, clawing, and rhythms became more pointed from both of us.  The sex slowed down and yet the intensity was off the charts.  Almost like a slow battle neither would lose, but neither care if we won.  All I can say is, DAMN!

I know on some level I should have felt guilty as he walked out 2.5 hours later limping worse than when he came in, but I couldn’t help but smile and think “Playing through the pain, gotta love a strong man!”

The times are a changing

Apparently, my boy is smart enough to know when I’m serious about my threats.  He’s been a busy boy taking care of things as he should, ensuring I’ve got a nice social calendar for the week.  I dare say he’s trying to keep me well occupied so my attentions don’t turn to his poor backside! LOL

Kicking things off Sunday night, I got a nice surprise visit from a blast from the past.  A gentleman we had played with in a group setting at a hotel once.  We had actually wrote him off, when after some fun he had to run with promises to come back later.  Then a strange excuse and he never came back.  Shockingly, as we sent pictures back and forth, neither my boy nor I recognized him right away.  But when we met, we recognized each other and turns out the crazy excuse was real.  Remembering him as being fun, I brought him home.  A very yummy piece of eye candy with a very nice package.

Monday night, we met a new stud that we have been chatting with for some time.  Nice young man, but his inexperience in the bed was a bit too apparent.  Nice cock and long lasting, but dull. Once he had left, we opted to relax for a bit before I began playing with my boy.  In that short time, he managed to fall asleep on me.  This morning he awoke to a sound spanking that left him crying and begging for mercy.  A sound reminder that things really are changing around here.

Needless to say he has been impeccable all night.  While our original plans with a sexy couple we’ve enjoyed in the past got cancelled, a visit from D and another new stud made for a perfect double header for the night. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our little Girl

She laid there curled up in my arms, shaking like the fragile leaf she was.  Tears streaking down her face as the release she felt overcame her entire being.  We had used her hard, my boy and I, and she came through with flying colors.

When she comes over, she always walks in so shy and fearful, remembering the words we would tell her.  She relaxes a bit as we chit chat and catch up.  We push a few buttons with nothing more than words and watch as her shame comes back to the fore front as she admits what she wants, what she needs.  Her face turns a light shade of red as she is forced to stand and strip in the middle of the room as we watch.  Her entire body quivers at first touch and we watch as her mind slowly disappears as we begin to explore.  Just as she is about to completely lose herself to the pleasures, I roughly shove her down to her knees, then on to all fours.  I watch her body tremble with anticipation as I step back and just stare.  Then it begins…

She is beaten to the edge and sweetly pulled back over and over again.  The tears begin in earnest.  The assault of hands, floggers, and my crop begin to leave their marks.  I stuff her mouth with my boy’s cock to stifle her screams.  Focusing on it, she begins using his cock as a distraction from the pain.  I watch with interest at how her whole body settles down to the task at hand.  The shaking subsides; the flinching from my blows becomes more controlled.  I slow my strikes to allow him to thoroughly enjoy her skilled mouth for bit, before launching one last brutal assault on her ass.  When the edge in her voice lets me know she’s had more than enough, I grab a fist full of hair and drag her to her feet.  Instructing my boy to stand behind her, locking her arms behind her back and to hold her still, I continue my assault on her chest.  Enjoying the way her large, heavy breast bounce after each smack, I become almost giddy with pleasure at the site.  I take my time, seeing her as nothing but a toy for my amusement as I beat, pinch, bite and suckle her breasts till I have had my fill.

After a short break, we drag her up to the bedroom.  There she is turned into nothing more than a thing, an object, the target of our lust and passion.  Used until she was sure she couldn’t handle anymore and then used a bit more.  When at last we finish with her, she has nothing left, but to curl into a ball, smiling from ear to ear with tears streaking down her face.  I wrap myself around her and feel her squirm into me, needing my warmth for reassurance, her tears falling from her cheeks onto my breast.  That’s my good girl!


The mere sight of him makes my pussy twinge.  That first touch from him makes my pussy gush. There is nothing about D that my pussy doesn’t like.  We just work so well together when it comes to sex.  Our needs and desires, skills and abilities just mesh seamlessly.  The way the size and shape of his cock just perfectly presses every single one of my buttons and the mere thought of fucking him again makes me swoon.

I often wonder why we work so well together.  I could never see me on a date with him, living with him or even running away for a weekend together (unless it was a non-stop sex-a-thon).  He’s very quiet, reserved.  I tend to like my men more vocal.  The things we do, the things we like are pretty much night and day.  About the only things we have in common is football and the Washington Redskins and sex.  But Oh MY GOD, the sex!!!  Then it’s like we’re one and the same.  Within 5 mins of him entering me, I’ll hit my first orgasm and it just becomes a flood gate after that.  It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Every touch, stroke, movement, action seems to be at the perfect moment to push me further over the edge.  At times it truly feels as if I’m barely hanging on from the abyss.  As many times as we have been together, it still amazes me how well matched in bed we are with each other.  

You often hear about women needing some type of chemistry before having sex with someone, and I do agree.  But I find my chemistry means something completely different than theirs.  My chemistry is about how well we work together.  It starts with the lust and the passion that just shows at first meet.  That zing that just screams at you.. “I wanna fuck this man”.   With D, that chemistry is just off the charts. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacations and other ramblings

It amazes me sometimes how fast time can fly on you.  Once again, life has been busy, though this time more fun at least.  We’ve had a full household for the last month, but we’ve been enjoying the kiddos and summertime.  A week long vacation, just me and the kiddos, was a great bonding time full of non-stop fun for us all.  But I did miss my boy terribly while gone.  He is always so sickeningly sweet after time apart, just tugs my heart strings sometimes.  You could read it in the lines of text he sent me, hear it in his voice when we talked.  The boy was feeling a little lost while I was gone.  Those first couple of days, he was bending over backwards to take care of everything before I even asked.  Of course life quickly gets back to normal.

While we managed to sneak in a little bit of play here and there (stories to follow), we are looking forward to having a long break from kiddos.  Based on some recent conversations, I’m planning to use this time to make some needed changes around here.  I guess you can say, the boy will be going through some intense training and I have no doubt I’ll learn a few things as well.  I may even try and keep a good journal of how it goes.