Sunday, June 24, 2012


The mere sight of him makes my pussy twinge.  That first touch from him makes my pussy gush. There is nothing about D that my pussy doesn’t like.  We just work so well together when it comes to sex.  Our needs and desires, skills and abilities just mesh seamlessly.  The way the size and shape of his cock just perfectly presses every single one of my buttons and the mere thought of fucking him again makes me swoon.

I often wonder why we work so well together.  I could never see me on a date with him, living with him or even running away for a weekend together (unless it was a non-stop sex-a-thon).  He’s very quiet, reserved.  I tend to like my men more vocal.  The things we do, the things we like are pretty much night and day.  About the only things we have in common is football and the Washington Redskins and sex.  But Oh MY GOD, the sex!!!  Then it’s like we’re one and the same.  Within 5 mins of him entering me, I’ll hit my first orgasm and it just becomes a flood gate after that.  It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Every touch, stroke, movement, action seems to be at the perfect moment to push me further over the edge.  At times it truly feels as if I’m barely hanging on from the abyss.  As many times as we have been together, it still amazes me how well matched in bed we are with each other.  

You often hear about women needing some type of chemistry before having sex with someone, and I do agree.  But I find my chemistry means something completely different than theirs.  My chemistry is about how well we work together.  It starts with the lust and the passion that just shows at first meet.  That zing that just screams at you.. “I wanna fuck this man”.   With D, that chemistry is just off the charts. 

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