Thursday, June 28, 2012

Foot Porn

I sit on the recliner, my feet propped up and on full display.  You sit across the couch watching TV.  Crossed at the ankles, the toes begin to slightly rub against each other.  Their bright red toe nails tenderly caressing each other as I type on the laptop.  Out of the corner of my eye I catch you staring, that small, half grin of desire crossing your face.  I giggle inside.  Interlocking toes, one foot curls under the other in that cute pose that drives you crazy.  This time I turn my head and look at you as you quickly duck your head and turn a light shade of pink.  

“Are you staring at my toes again”

You shrug sheepishly, stretching out your arms to indicate that you just can’t help yourself when they’re out there like that.  To which I reply by simply rubbing one foot up and down my bare leg.  Glaring at you with that evil smile as if to say “I dare you”.  You smile at me, but back down for now.
Some time passes by, I’ve curled my feet up next to me.  You watch closely to see if I’m absorbed enough in whatever I’m doing, hoping to catch a moment I’m not paying close enough attention.  Your hand sneaks out across the couch.  Slowly your hand creeps till it’s with inches of my foot when…


 You quickly withdrawal your hand, sulking at your failed attempt. 
Now it’d my turn to grin, that wicked grin that knows exactly how this will end.  A few more failed attempts as I watch the sulking slowly turn into determinations until finally…

You pounce!

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