Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fetish or Obsession?

Ever wonder what the difference was?  Is there even a difference?  It’s a fun little banter between the boy and I.  He’s obsession with my feet.  The foot porn entry?  It’s what really happens, what goes on here in the household.  But the pounce?  It’s not him dropping to his knees to kiss or lick or worship my feet in any way.  He is obsessed with tickling my feet, which coincidentally are extremely ticklish.  He is so completely enamored with the way it makes me laugh.  It’s not my feet that turn him on, but my laughter, reactions, and the end result that drive him mad.  Somehow it nearly always leads to some tussling match between us, which ends with me putting him back in his place.  This isn’t a once in a while thing either.  It’s nearly daily.  Matters just get worse if my toe nails are freshly painted.  “Like painting a bull’s-eye on them”, he claims.  Clearly an obsession. 

So why don’t I stop the behavior?  It’s his face.  His emotions will play across his face almost in a cartoon fashion.  The giddiness when he spots them.  Stealing glances like a kid trying not to get caught staring at a cookie jar.  The mischievous look when he tries to slowly sneak a hand over to get a hold of them.  The guilty look that flashes right before he feigns innocence when he is caught.  Then that final look of determination, punishment be damn, when he can’t stand it all any longer and he pounces.  In a way, it’s a type of foreplay we can do regardless of who is around.

But that’s just it.  If kids are not around or sound asleep, this will often result in sex.  Fun, steamy, sexy sex.  All from tickling my feet.  So even though my feet don’t actually turn him on like they would a person with a foot fetish, I have no doubt the resulting fun and silliness does.  You might say he has a tickling fetish, as I’m ticklish everywhere and he will tickle all over, but the obsession is with tickling my feet.  So is it a fetish at all?  A foot-tickling fetish? LOL
Who knows, but it does make life interesting around here.

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