Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Suck it up Big Boy

The thing I enjoy about D, is that the sex continues to be amazing and fun… regardless of what gets thrown at us.  Generally with D, we schedule with him early to ensure I get to play with him.  So color me surprised when he hobbled up to the door in a walking boot.  A broken foot from playing with the boys this weekend.  But the man was NOT going to let a little thing like a broken foot get in his way.  Of course keeping him off his foot and in comfortable positions while we went at it showed off his very creative side, as he introduced a couple of positions even I had never done before.  

I’m not sure if he was being a bit more reserved due to the foot, or if I was feeling a bit more aware to ensure I didn’t bump it, but somewhere in the middle of the fun the chemistry shifted.  It was as if the sex became more… animalistic.  Tough to explain considering our normal chemistry is already lusty, wild and rough, but usually you can see how we both release into the rhythm of the sex.  This was just the opposite.  More focused, centered almost to point of heightening senses.  The smell of his sweat, the low grunts he lets out when he breathes, the touch of his fingers on my skin.  The grabbing, clawing, and rhythms became more pointed from both of us.  The sex slowed down and yet the intensity was off the charts.  Almost like a slow battle neither would lose, but neither care if we won.  All I can say is, DAMN!

I know on some level I should have felt guilty as he walked out 2.5 hours later limping worse than when he came in, but I couldn’t help but smile and think “Playing through the pain, gotta love a strong man!”

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