Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The times are a changing

Apparently, my boy is smart enough to know when I’m serious about my threats.  He’s been a busy boy taking care of things as he should, ensuring I’ve got a nice social calendar for the week.  I dare say he’s trying to keep me well occupied so my attentions don’t turn to his poor backside! LOL

Kicking things off Sunday night, I got a nice surprise visit from a blast from the past.  A gentleman we had played with in a group setting at a hotel once.  We had actually wrote him off, when after some fun he had to run with promises to come back later.  Then a strange excuse and he never came back.  Shockingly, as we sent pictures back and forth, neither my boy nor I recognized him right away.  But when we met, we recognized each other and turns out the crazy excuse was real.  Remembering him as being fun, I brought him home.  A very yummy piece of eye candy with a very nice package.

Monday night, we met a new stud that we have been chatting with for some time.  Nice young man, but his inexperience in the bed was a bit too apparent.  Nice cock and long lasting, but dull. Once he had left, we opted to relax for a bit before I began playing with my boy.  In that short time, he managed to fall asleep on me.  This morning he awoke to a sound spanking that left him crying and begging for mercy.  A sound reminder that things really are changing around here.

Needless to say he has been impeccable all night.  While our original plans with a sexy couple we’ve enjoyed in the past got cancelled, a visit from D and another new stud made for a perfect double header for the night. 

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