Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I started this blog, it was with the intent of cataloging and sharing my adventures in learning to become a Dominant.  Though a bit over a year into flexing my muscles, I still feel so new and so raw at it.  What really surprised me a bit, was how tough of a time I have had changing the mentalities I’ve lived with all my life.  

Why the surprise?  

Well, I’ve always been naturally dominant in my day to day life.  I’m not a bossy, pushy or even outspoken type, but all my life people have naturally turned to me for leadership, guidance, training and wisdom.   I’ve never had the hang ups that so many women I know do, which is that life isn’t worth living without a man taking care of you.  From a very early age, men were simply a source of entertainment, fun, and companionship.  As far as aggressiveness?  I’m pretty sure that’s what the A in my middle name stood for.  My entire childhood was spent playing with the big boys and I never for a second doubted my ability to keep up.  Sexually, I was a pretty adventurous soul and while not everything turns me on, I’m open minded enough to hear it all without judgment.  I mean I didn’t even baulk when my boy started telling me about his kinks.  I mean when I think about it, I’m almost surprised I didn’t find my way here sooner.

So what was so difficult?

OMG, EVERYTHING!  Ok, not everything, but it did surprise me how many socially ingrained taboos I really did have.  Things like equality and fairness made it hard to simply order him around.  My “take it as it comes” attitude still causes issues with planning things out to avoid conflicts.  My independent nature and do it myself attitude caused him much concern early on.  

The kinks themselves were easy, fun actually.  Most everything I had already played around with in some form or another.  Taking charge in the bedroom happened almost instantly and as I explored and learned.. it has expanded quite nicely.  But actually taking the control out of the bedroom has been an interesting and sometimes very frustrating challenge that can leave me wondering if this is all worth it.  But yet, somehow I wake up each morning wanting to continue and so we do!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kicking off the Football Season

It's been a bit of a lazy day today, well at least for me!

After a late night full of fun and kink, I slept in rather late today.  But still awoke to a nice breakfast from the boy.  A bit of lazy snuggling on the couch, then a nice session of the boy between my legs.  Next up... sending the boy off to the store for the game day munchies.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying all the games of the day with a good boy dutifully taking care of me! Sweet bliss!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting Back in the Saddle

Life has been so hectic and stressful that finding time to post has been a bit of a rarity.  On top of school and activities, we had to battle the sickies as well.  Thankfully both the boy and I are on the mend and kid free all week, so now it’s time to stir the pot and see what trouble bubbles the surface.  The boy has been awfully cheeky all week and needs a bit of a firmer hand.  Though thinking we got the weekend started off right. 

Friday night was girl’s night out… to a football game!  I have to admit I loved the irony of leaving the boy home to deal with dishes and laundry while the girl’s and I were getting rowdy at the local college football game.  After getting home, a little servitude and body worship then I tuck us both into bed.

Today has been a rather fun filled day.  A nice lazy morning as a wrapped up some work related issues while being served breakfast in bed.  The boy took a little prodding to wake up from his nap to get started on the house cleaning, but admittedly it was a fun excuse to warm up his sexy ass with my crop.  As aggressive and rough as I am with my hands, I still find myself a bit tentative whenever I add a tool in my hand.  Though today seemed a little different.  Even though everywhere I read states not to hit out of anger, I found allowing a bit of it out during his correction very helpful in overcoming that issue.  A couple dozen deliciously sounding whacks did the trick to get the boy back in his headspace and the rest of the day flowed very smoothly.

First up was a short but lovely visit from a stud we had met last year when we first got started with the cuckold play.  A wonderful and sexy gentleman whose demeanor we both adore, we were sad to learn shortly after our play date, he was sent off to Afghanistan.  So I was over the moon last week, when we had received a message from him that he would be in town today.  Actually, his plane was landing here and he would drive off to visit family on the east coast.  I felt a bit extra special in that he actually didn’t even wait to go home first, but instead chose to drive straight from the airport here.  While the visit was short, he did leave my boy a nice, nasty, juicy surprise to clean up when he was done.

Next up… the young pup.  A sexy, little vanilla boy who thinks he’s ready for a little kink .  Wonderful boy in bed, full of all sorts of energy… Now time to see if he can handle the twisted side.