Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cheap Self Promotion

So yeah... Usually I'm not one for shameless plugging (ok, my ego thinks I have no need to! ;)  BUT....

The Queen of Spades Blog is running there voting for QoS of the year and I think a little more wickedness would do it some good.  So if you enjoy my stories and writings, take a moment and go vote

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kinky Christmas on Speed!

LOL  Yes, yes... I fell off the planet and right in the middle of my kinky Christmas rhyme.  At first, I was just too busy having fun to get it written down and then caught a nasty bug that had me laid up for almost a week.  Now that I'm feeling better and caught up at work... here's the kinky Christmas wrap up with some more details to follow as the words choose to flow

On the 5th day - work was a little hairy and our initial plans had to be canceled, so I settled for a nice little pegging of my boy.  A bit softer and sweeter then normal as the poor boy was feeling like a delicate flower that day... but still very satisfying.

On the 6th day - We met another new bull.  A nice gentleman who we had been chatting with for awhile.  While we had a good time with him, there was a definite difference in styles that made for a bit of a bumpy start... but we managed to come to a better understanding and enjoyed our time with him.

On the 7th day - I flogged and beat and pegged my boy till he passed out from exhaustion.  Sweet bliss!

On the 8th day - Mr. L. came for a visit!  YAY!!!  LOL  Let's just say it was even better then the first visit.  Of course, he'll be a little disappointed if this is all I write about his visit... so a little note for more to come.

On the 9th day - We took another break.  With big plans for New Year's Eve, I decided it would be prudent to get the house all in order.  So while my cuck caught up on laundry, dishes and the general house up keep... I worked on primping and prepping for a big New Year's eve night!

And Finally

New Year's Eve!  That, my friends, will just have to wait until I can write the stories to do the night justice... But yes, it was a HOT, SEXY, AMAZING time!