Monday, December 3, 2012

Saved by the Hail Mary

It was Monday Night Football.  My favorite team was playing.  A big divisional game with playoff implications.  To say I was hyper was an understatement.   I take my football seriously, and as the game progressed through the first half, it was turning into a nail biter.  As halftime approached, I was in a bit of a tizzy because my team was down and not looking great.

Now, my boy was due a punishment he had earned himself over the weekend.  After the teams had headed into the tunnels, I turned to him and simply said

“Shall we take care of the punishment now, or wait till after the game?”  Wanting to enjoy my game, but knowing he would most likely fall asleep on me… I gave him the option to pick his poison.

“I’d rather wait till after the game in hopes you’ll be in a better mood.”

“Alright, but if you fall asleep, it will be doubly worse tomorrow night.”

He began chanting for my teams quarterback as  he was lightly pounced.  Leaving him kissed, poked and prodded, I settled back in my seat for the second half.  Barely 15 mins into the restart of the game, his breathing shifted into that steady rhythm that indicates he was falling asleep.  To keep from getting irritated I focused my attention fully on the game, cheering the good plays, pouting over the bad ones.  It wasn’t until my team rattled off a HUGE play that sent me flying off the couch, cheering wildly.  It startled him so badly; he himself woke up and went flying off the couch.  Admittedly, I smiled wickedly inside for the abrupt end to his siesta.

He managed to keep himself awake for the rest of the game.  My team managed to pull out the win in an exciting finish and left me in a great mood.  He took his punishment with grace.  He has no idea how lucky he got.