Saturday, June 30, 2012

As the Week Turns

How to describe the rest of Tuesday night… that bleed into Wednesday and then vanished into Wednesday night?  




MIND BLOWING!  Yes a Mind blowing, soul changing, completely magical passage of time.  As a new Domme, there are moments as I slide down the rabbit hole where I swear I can feel a fundamental shift in how I think, how I see, how I feel.  Kind of like having something buried deep inside that just erupts to the surface with such force that I literally feel it.  Tuesday night was one of those nights.

I had already cucked him with both D and whom I’ll have to call D2.  Both very hot, sexy, gifted, well-endowed men that left me feeling very sexually satisfied.  Now, earlier that day, during his spanking, he had been told there would be no sleep till I pegged him.  So once my studs had left, we took a bit of a break.  Grabbing a bite to eat, shoring up some plans for the weekend and chatting about us, D/s, and kinks.  About 2am, my boy finally disappeared to the bathroom to get ready.  Shortly after, we began.  And we played, and played, and then played some more.  In the living room, the bedroom, down to the basement.  Intense moments, bonding moments, sexy moments, and just plain Grrr moments.  Somewhere about 7am we took about an hour break for breakfast and quick rinse offs… but neither one of us was ready for bed.  So back to the bedroom where I tortured and cared, beat and devoured, fucked and made love to my boy till 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.  When we finally passed out for a few hours, we were still rubbing and wiggling against each other.  

Trying to decide how to write about it was difficult.  There’s no way to capture into words what really passed between us that night.  Writing about all that happened would take a lifetime without ever doing it justice.  "Filling you up" is just a small snippet of that night, but the best moment to capture how the night went on.  

The best part, we awoke Wednesday to another visit from a new stud that turned out to be incredible.  G was a very quiet, polite gentleman… and I worried he may not be anything near what I am looking for. But something told me to relax and his sexiness made it easy to do so.  But once he got comfortable, he turned out to be amazing.  Not quite as good a lover as D, but damn near close.  Though the quiet man turned out to be a rather forceful, take charge kind of lover who just loved the role play of being the bull.  Looking forward to his return.

Sadly, Thursday night, my boy started in with a nasty cough.  I’ll admit to feeling a bit guilty that I may have played him sick.  Though truly deep down, it was such an amazing night, I still feel it was worth it. 

 Poor boy!

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