Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacations and other ramblings

It amazes me sometimes how fast time can fly on you.  Once again, life has been busy, though this time more fun at least.  We’ve had a full household for the last month, but we’ve been enjoying the kiddos and summertime.  A week long vacation, just me and the kiddos, was a great bonding time full of non-stop fun for us all.  But I did miss my boy terribly while gone.  He is always so sickeningly sweet after time apart, just tugs my heart strings sometimes.  You could read it in the lines of text he sent me, hear it in his voice when we talked.  The boy was feeling a little lost while I was gone.  Those first couple of days, he was bending over backwards to take care of everything before I even asked.  Of course life quickly gets back to normal.

While we managed to sneak in a little bit of play here and there (stories to follow), we are looking forward to having a long break from kiddos.  Based on some recent conversations, I’m planning to use this time to make some needed changes around here.  I guess you can say, the boy will be going through some intense training and I have no doubt I’ll learn a few things as well.  I may even try and keep a good journal of how it goes.

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