Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just call me the hit and run.

I'm a terrible blogger, I know.  When life gets busy, my writing brain seems to switch off and nothing sounds right.  I contemplating stopping, but decided it would still be a nice repository for my journey in the lifestyle.  So frequent or sporadic, whose knows.  Reliably, doubtful.  But the updates will come.

Suffice it to say, the last few weeks have been painfully vanilla.  Between work, end of school activities, sports tournaments, an illness and an injury, we just didn't have time to keep up with contacts.. which made filling in the brief free moments impossible.  Some mild play with just the two of us is about all we had the energy to muster up. 

Though a note to point out was that he did manage to break a promise to me.  No, not a big earth shattering promise.  Really, by itself, would have been something I would have treated lightly.  A quick punishment, a bit of a penance to my benefit and all would have been forgiven.  But this time, this time it smacked more of laziness then necessity.  That is what really set me off.  While that evening I opted to keep my cool so we could still manage to have a little fun before our free time ran out, the next morning he took the roughest beating of his life.  The really not fun kind, that makes him withdrawal a little and seriously think about what I said.

He has been spending the weekend in penance for his transgressions.  I do have to admit, he has been the most wonderful boy imaginable.  His bratty side has been on lock down since Friday morning and he has obeyed every order with the attention and enthusiasm the I wanted.  Admittedly, I do miss some of his playful behavior.  Enough to know this isn't something I want day to day.  I really do love the way we operate daily, but it's nice to know when I feel like it, switching him to this level is easy and nearly seamlessly.  The fact he can stay this way for extended periods of time at my demands is delicious!

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