Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day in the Life of My Cuck...

As I slowly stirred awake this morning, I find you laying there awake, smiling at me.  A few morning kisses and cuddles, and I push you down to ensure my morning starts just right.  A few good orgasms later and I’m pushing you off the bed and making you stand beside me.  Teasing you a bit, I then drape you over my lap, for a nice long spanking session.  Reminding you of the promise you made and to give you the reminder to keep you honest all day.  Once I feel you’ve sufficiently broken, I stand you up and send you off to the kitchen to make breakfast.  I saunter off to the shower to get ready for the day.  I emerge to a nice warm breakfast.

I send you off to stir the pot and see what trouble we can find for the day, while I deal with some work stuff I have to take care of.  Just as I’m about to wrap up the work, you call out that D will be coming by around 1:30.  I wander out with a giant grin on my face.  We both know D has become my favorite and he can do things you just can’t even dream off.  You head off to straighten the house as you watch me dance off to the shower in obvious joy.

D shows up and you fade into the back ground like a good little boy.  Sitting quietly on the far edge of the couch, while He and I chat idly about life and how much we’d missed each other.  Before too long, I’m between his legs, enjoying what he brought me.  Still no glance or even acknowledgement that your even there.  It wasn’t till I pulled him up to drag him off to the bedroom, that I turned and with a quick kiss, simply asked “coming?”

You follow us obediently, readying the room, getting everything laid out just as we like.  We fall straight into the bed, wasting no time or formalities.  You watch as he brings me to orgasm quickly and repeatedly.  You wait patiently bedside to be of service.  For forty minutes you watch as he brings me to heights of ecstasy in ways you aren’t capable, being reduced to nothing but an errand boy with a hard-on.   Soon you are called to kneel down next to him.  As he gets close to climax, he pulls out his cock and shoves it down your throat.  As he unloads, you are ordered to not only shallow, but to ensure every last bit has been sucked out.  He continues to fuck your mouth as he quickly hardens back up and then you are once again quickly dismissed as he returns back to me.  4 more times over the next 2 hours, this continues.  Even I’m amazed at his extra high stamina today.  At some point, I grabbed hold of your balls and make you feel my every orgasm as I squeeze them tightly.  You’ve been laid underneath me, forced to not only take my weight, but to feel the force with which he pounds into me.  Grasping for breathe in rhythm to his strokes.  Even teased incessantly as you’re allowed to enter to me and bear witness to how well he has stretched me out as he rests. Under orders not to dare cum, you pull out quickly in fear and he quickly fills your spot.  You understand where you stand with him and respectfully step aside while he continues to satisfy me in all the ways I crave.   

Finally he leaves, exhausted and satisfied.  I begin teasing and taunting you with that freshly fucked pussy.  Allowing you once again to enter me as I torment you with all the ways D satisfies me like no one else.  Lost in the oblivion, it all proves too much for you to maintain control as you orgasm without permission.  I chastise you as you move quickly to clean up your mess.  As soon as you’re finished, I immediately shove you face down on the bed and administer your punishment.  A quick hard spanking, with a few paddles strokes for emphasis, you are reminded to maintain focus when ordered and your pleasure comes second to my desires.

I leave you lying there with orders to bring our stuff downstairs. When you finally join me on the couch and I quickly snuggle up, laying my head on your lap and quickly drift off into blissful oblivion.  Your job now, simply to act as my human pillow until I awake again.

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