Friday, March 23, 2012

The unaware toy

You look so innocent, vulnerable, sweet.  Your head lying on my lap while the rest of you lays curled up next to me, so warm and inviting.  You’ve succumbed to the exhaustion of our earlier play time.  As you lay there, I just can’t resist the sweetness of it all.  I begin rubbing your hair, stroking your arm.  You hum with contentment.  I smile.  I switch to a bit more of a groping, gently grabbing handfuls of skin and tissue.  Lightly tugging, rolling the skin between my fingers, you moan a bit of painful delight.  I move back to you hair, never losing contact. Stroking it slowing till I feel you drift back off again.  Then grabbing a handful and squeezing, you gasp lightly.  I relax my grip and I feel you sink further into my lap. Soon, it all starts turning into a lovely game for me.  Relaxing you, stirring you back, then sinking you even lower.  Until finally the snoring begins, and I know your off into your dreams.

There’s something just so honest, so open, so vulnerable about you in that moment.  I find it so irresistible, that I don’t even care that your hovering somewhere been sleep and the living. I can’t/ won’t stop the urge to play with you this way and I love the fact that your conscious is barely even aware of what I doing.  But your subconscious just screams with approval.

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