Saturday, March 10, 2012

Miss me?

Watching you scramble down off the couch and kneel in front of me, I feel my heart flutter.  It still gets me, how much the simple, little things you do that makes me catch my breath.  As you settle down in front of me and raise your eyes just in time to catch sight of my hand right before it smacks you hard across your face.  The shock and fear had barely begun to register across your face, when my other hand grabs you harshly around the throat.  The fear quickly washed over your face then and I felt that little familiar twinge.  I just hold you there, staring you, my eyes only inches from yours.  Watching the fear give way to confusion and then come back again masked behind that smile of yours.  That devil on my shoulder smiled, as I began pushing up on your throat, watching you scramble to get on your feet before you lose your balance completely. I continue pushing up and back, laughing madly inside, as you try desperately to find your feet and soon tiptoes as you madly crash into the door.

“You miss me baby?” I whisper to you, quickly closing the gap, pinning you to the wall with my body.  Before you can answer, I smother your mouth with mine, kissing you madly.  I snake my hand up through your hair, grabbing a fistful and pushing your mouth further into mine.   Then pulling it away, I step to the side and forcefully shove you to the floor.  Down you go, dutifully on all fours. Expecting a punishment maybe?  Instead, my foot lands squarely on your back, pushing you down flat.  I stay that way for a while, my foot pressing into your back, letting my imagination run through all the possibilities, desires.  Then that crooked smile creeps over my face and I let go…

“It’s going to be a long night baby” are the last words you hear for the night.

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