Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The flame just burns.

Sitting here in the evening air, a mesmerizing fire warming my toes, a cool breeze at my back gently offsetting the heat, and Natalie Merchant cooing in my ear, I’m lost in thoughts of tenderness and love.  The kind of a protective mother bear, who tries fiercely to stave off even the bad emotions.

My boy got a bit of bad news earlier today.  The kind of news that comes wrought with emotions, too many and varied to process all at once.  To sit with my boy as these emotions played through his being, was a journey in and of itself for me.  Letting the instincts take over, I realize once again why we fit so well together.  Taking the thought out of my reactions led to one of the most memorable moments (for me at least) in a very long time.  Sometimes I need to remember to just shut the mind down and let things flow naturally. 

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