Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome back D!

D came by for what turned out to be a nice, long, wonderful visit that capped our weekend quiet nicely.  After having so much fun at the hotel with him and R, we figured it was worth a shot to see how well he could keep up on his own.  Let me just say… he didn’t disappoint!

Deciding to let it all hang out... we set up the table and emptied out the toy bag.  Essentially putting it all out there and on display to see what may come of it all.  Admittedly, D enjoyed checking it all out, but didn’t really brave pulling anything out.  Though he did have fun watching us using the toys.
Of course, prior to D’s arrival, we spent the morning/afternoon getting ready.  Being our first day without kids, my boy was due his weekly review and spankings.  Bent over the bed, I had fun using my hands, paddle and flogger to turn his backside a nice crimson red.   What was actually a bit comical was that he fell asleep during the flogging, ass perfectly balanced in the air.  Of course, I took advantage of the fact that he wasn’t whining at all and just had fun playing around with it all.  I finally quit when I got worried about him getting a kink in his neck from lying that way for too long.  I then had him dress me in the nice white peek- a- boo teddy and white thigh high stockings.  I dressed him in only his collar and leash.  We head down stairs, where I laid him across my lap and took my sweet time stretching his ass out nice and wide. Of course, as I tend to do, I got carried away a bit.  I was having so much fun making my boy moan and groan, that I lost track of time.  D walked in, right about the time I had a fistful of hair in one hand and the base of a butt plug (which was buried in his ass of course) in the other.  D just cracked a smile and said “I see you couldn’t wait to get started either!”
Things started off a bit slowly as we tried to start the night off with the swing, but I think D was a bit over eager to be patient to get things adjusted right (he literally took me right on the basement floor! LOL)… so we abandoned the swing and headed straight for the bed.  For nearly two and half hours, the sex was non-stop.  In every position possible.  We soaked the entire bed and everyone was an exhausted pile of goo, when I finally called for a break.  We headed back downstairs and lounged lazily on the couch, completely naked.  Though, that didn’t last long, as D’s hand just couldn’t help but wander everywhere.  Next thing I know, D’s announcing he wants to try the swing as he’s pulling me down to the basement.  For another hour and a half, D learned why we love that damn swing so much.  At one point, I was literally high on endorphins as wave after orgasmic wave passed over me.  Then right before D came, he pulled out a literally exploded inside my boys mouth.  Fucking Beautiful!
While, we are not calling the hunt off, we had an amazing time!  So much so, that D is going to be my valentine tomorrow night!  Mmmmmm

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