Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome Home!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks in the household.  Work became insane, as we both were working crazy schedules and very long days and nights.  We did manage to meet the new couple, S and A.  We had such a good time; we actually had them over again last night.  A’s been dropping hints of wanting a bit of a push, so my boy and I had fun introducing her to our swing and choreographing some very hot and intense scenes with all four of us.  

I’m also pleased to announce, my boy is officially back in my collar.  After a very long and productive conversation on Saturday, we seemed to have finally been able to identify the issues that were causing us issues.  We also spent a good deal of time addressing ways to get pass the issues.  The major theme of the conversation?  Balance!  We are two very busy people, with a lot of commitments pulling us in every direction.  Learning how to balance it all, and do so TOGETHER, was essentially the end result.   I have to admit, for the first time in months, I feel like we are back on the same page and heading in the same direction.  Such a nice feeling.

Since we had a play date with S & A later that evening, we postponed the post conversation play/recollaring till Sunday morning.  We awoke still feeling a nice after glow from the night before.  A had been a bit nervous (still have no idea why), but with a little sweet talking and gentle touching, she warmed up very quickly and ended the night with the most spectacular of finishes… though that story for another time!  We enjoyed some sweet touches and gentle teasing as we both woke up and gained our senses.  Shoving him off to the showers, while I prepped, I found myself smiling that devious smile once again.  Once he came back down, there was some gentle loving, sexy teasing and then dragging him up to the bedroom by his penis (I swear I need to find a quick, easy penis leash as this is most delicious in my book!).  There he reaffirmed his desire to serve and his dedication to do better, followed by a nice round of body worship to back up his words.  Once satisfied, I locked his collar back around his neck, declaring him mine once again.

Just as the smile crept over both our faces, I unceremoniously slammed him face down on the bed.  Tying him up spread eagle, I then announced it was time to release him of his bad behaviors over the last few months and teach him the new rules of the house.  With my hands, I drove home the point that his passive/aggressive tendencies will no longer be tolerated.  With his cheeks turning a lovely pink shade and his squirming at just the right level.  It was time to pull out the apology promise he gave to me nearly a year before.  It’s a simple paint stick, in which the words “I’m sorry Mommy, I’ll be good” was written in his hand, after a bratty spell of his.  Declaring it a broken promise in need of retribution, his ass was spanked with it numerous times as he repeated the mantra out loud.  I didn’t stop till I was satisfied he truly meant it.  Up next, the dreaded paddle to teach him the new rules going forward.  Emphasizing each rule with a swift smack, and then additional smacks while he recited the rules, helped insure these rules would be taken as lightly as rules of the past.  His cool down was a nice flogging that continued till I felt my annoyance had been satisfied and retribution paid in full.  Clean slate I said as I let him up… snuggled him closely and gave him a short break before fun time started.

Down stairs to the basement and the swing... where he was hoisted up, ass prominately presented (a warm, lovely shade of red I might add).  There I proceeded to take my sweet time, play with the one part of his body that makes him squeal just so, that it makes me melt!  Welcome back home baby!

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