Friday, March 23, 2012

A new level of comfort

We had a wonderful play week last week.  My vacation time was blessed with gorgeous weather, allowing me to spend some wonderful time in the sun.  We also had a couple of wonderful visits with D.  He is becoming a regular habit of ours and I know I am very happy.  I had thought about trying to write about the encounters, all the fun, hot steamy details, but I found that words escape me (probably why I haven’t posted in a while).  A play by play just came across too dry and failed to capture the intensity of all the little moments.  I tried to write about the emotions, but it didn’t make as much sense without all the before and after.  Trying to put it all together proved to be too much of an undertaking for this overly busy career mom.  Needless to say though, we both really like D and look forward to his visits with more enthusiasm then we have with any of the others we’ve played with.  We’re not ready to stop looking, but he has become our favorite by far… so much so, my other regulars are starting to whine about lack of time!  Sometimes a woman’s work is just never done.   Sigh.

D isn’t very aggressive and hasn’t been overly interested in being an active participant in the more kinky activities… but he is an amazing lover with great stamina and the wonderful ability to recover quite quickly.  He’s also very much a “go with the flow” type and seems to really enjoy watching all the off the wall stuff we come up with.  What it amounts to is allowing me the freedom to take our playtime in whatever direction I feel like.  There’s a steady flow and rhythm to what goes on that seems to transition so smoothly from activity to activity.    When the ropes, or whips or dildos come out, he usually finds a spot with a good view and an intimate touch.  Just makes everything that much more steamy!

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