Monday, April 16, 2012


You’re stuck there panting, pinned underneath me and completely out of breath.  The smile speaks volumes to the evening we’ve had together.  I shower your chest and neck with sweet gentle kisses and I feel your breathing start to slow.  I feel a slight shift in your demeanor.  A quick peek at your glowing face proves me right.  But then that sheepish look crosses your face when you see me looking at you, watching you.  Like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, you turn a shade of red and quickly avert your eyes.

“Your thinking about my new cock, aren’t you?” I guess correctly.

“Yes, Mama”

“You like my new cock, don’t you?”

“Aww Gawd, YESSSS, Mama”, you say, as your eyes light up with delight at the mere thought of it.

“You’re thinking about how much you really want that cock stuffed back inside of you, aren’t you? You nasty little boy!”  You quickly turn your head to avoid eye contact, before I even finish my sentence.  Your voice drops all the way down to barely a whisper

“Yes, Mama”

I raise up, towering over you, playfully slapping you on the face to get your eyes back on mine.  You quickly stare back at me with that intensity and focus I love.

“You are such a hungry, greedy, little bitch.. I always knew that.”

“Oh Mama, PLEASE!” Is all you manage to get out

I shift my body just a bit as I lift up your legs, exposing your ass.   I press my pelvis up against it and begin grinding into you, teasing you.  I watch as your eyes roll back, and you begin to moan softly.  It’s in that exact moment the little devil inside taps me on the shoulder in response.

“Now we both know, I’m probably gonna fuck you again… so it’s really just a matter of when”.  And with that I proceed to tease and torment you, slowly and deliciously.  I watch you becoming delirious with desire and need.  I find it so beautiful to watch you being stripped completely bare in these moments.  So much so, that I want these moments to last forever.

But it doesn’t take long till you’re reduced to only one word, “Please”, repeated over and over in that desperate, pleading voice of yours.  That is when you manage to catch your breath long enough to speak at all.  Then it happens.  I notice a single tear forming as your voice shifts into a more painful form of pleading.  It touches me so deeply; I bend forward to kiss the tear away before getting up to grab my strap-on for another round.

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