Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Daddy

Have I left you hanging long enough? 


Too long you say?


Maybe you need to wait a little longer?


I kid, I kid.


Yes, I had the wonderful experience of the fattest cock I’ve ever seen about a month ago.  I’ve seen it a couple more times already. 

The beautiful cock is attached to a wonderful man that the cuck and I enjoy calling Big Daddy.  Standing at 6’ 7” tall, with broad shoulders and muscles everywhere… the BIG refers to more than just his cock.   A complete gentleman out of the bed, a wild animal in the sack. 

But that cock… OMG!!  It took two hands to wrangle that thing, but it felt AMAZING!  After his first visit, I gushed about him for over a week.  My poor cuck… just mere mention of Big Daddy would send him near the edge and made for some great humiliation. 

Like D and Mr L., Big Daddy just knows how to hit the right buttons and sex with him is just pure bliss.  By the time he leaves, I’m a complete puddle of goo.   Physically and emotionally drained, yet utterly content and satisfied.

Looking forward to many more visits too come.

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