Saturday, February 21, 2015

Naked in the Kitchen

I love watching him naked in the kitchen.  Not exactly sure why.  I mean, I love him naked and him in the kitchen means I’m NOT in the kitchen.  Though, it’s more like a heartwarming moment that just makes me melt and love the little bitch all that much more.  I mean, there he is, slaving over the stove, making me something tasty while butt ass naked so I can sit and stare at his cute butt wiggling around the kitchen.

Tonight he’s being cute and coy about it.  Sneakily starting up dinner while I was catching up on a TV show, it took me a few minutes to get wise that he was doing more than refilling a drink.  I ask him what he’s doing… “Cooking” he teases. 

“What are you making?” I ask.

“Food” is all he says with that guilty smile.  “Go back to watching your show.”

I giggle and let him have his way.  I go back to watching my show.  A quick stop by from a friend dropping some stuff off.  Not ten minutes after our friend left, then I look up to see his naked ass bouncing around my kitchen.

“Mmmmmm, when did that happen?”

“When you weren’t looking”, he said with a little wink and crooked smile.

“Uhuh…Doesn’t the smart ass need a good smacking?”

“Maaaaybeee!” as he wiggles his ass at me in temptation.

I laugh and shake my head, then settle into watching the show.  The muscles that flex as he moves back and forth.  The little jiggle in his ass cheeks when he turns suddenly.  The way he sort of waltz around the kitchen with purpose and grace.   Occasionally I’ll get a hip shake just to tease me.  Just SEXY!!!

Plus, it’s a fun power trip as I watch him balancing plates to serve me where I sit.


  1. I enjoyed reading what you wrote.
    I enjoyed your style and subject.
    Look forward to reading more.