Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Peg Goodnight

We enjoy video recording pretty much ALL of our play sessions.  We've started to prefer watching our own home made porn to the crap we tend to find on line and I have a lot of fun adding these videos to our normal tease routines.  But after 4 years of being together and recording all the mayhem we tend to get into... we now have a couple HUNDRED hours of video in desperate need of editing down into more consumable bites that eat up a little less space.

After spending a number of hours digging through all our videos and starting to tackle the big job of editing them down... I came across a little gem of a pegging session that we both became entranced with watching.  The original was nearly 2.5 hours long. It took a good deal of work to cut it down to a nice 24 min porn film.  I have to admit, watching the final product... I was a bit proud of the outcome and really wanted to show it off.  So, after a little deliberation... I decided to stick it out there for others to enjoy

This is how I enjoy curbing my hunger when my lovers are too busy for a visit.


  1. Loved that video! So when you and your cuck have sex how often is it that way vs. the traditional way?

  2. It can fluctuate. If we have a lot of free time and I'm having lots of visits from my lovers, my cuck ends up on the receiving end more often then the other way. But when life gets hectic, traditional wins out because it's simple quicker and easier.

    1. You are an amazing fuck! Really strong lover! Beautiful:))