Thursday, July 26, 2012


The last two weeks have been a bit quiet.  I honestly think we we’re both in a bit of recovery.  Not that there was no play.  We had a nice visit from D, and couple of fun play session and last night, and a return visit of G, which was quite enjoyable.  The rest of the time was spent

The dynamic has simmering nicely through the lull, which has been wonderful.  It’s interesting, to me at least, as I play more and more, to see how he reacts to things.  Being new to these dynamics, I have to admit, it’s been sort of like a game discovering each little button.  Do this and he gets horny, do that and he gets cuddly.  Do this and he gets compliant, do that and he gets playful. You get the idea.   I think it’s something I’ve always noticed in people, but never gave it much thought.  But in this relationship, this dynamic… these buttons have far more meaning.  I find myself paying closer attention, experimenting, poking new ones out here and there.  Like a mad scientist determined to solve the puzzle.  Or maybe more like the child in her back yard, investigating life.  Watching how the pieces fit together.  Manipulating environments to see how nature would react.  Basic utter curiosity.  Either way, I quickly found myself fascinated by the inner workings of him.  Of what makes him tick.  Obviously the list is enormous and very complex… I’m sure it would take a life time to encounter them all and I have no doubt I'll enjoy the journey.

But after two years, the catalog is big enough that I found I can start manipulating outcomes.  Nothing drastic or severe, just little changes to fit my mood.  Sure I can just demand what I want, and I often do.  I never doubt that he will comply, even if he does so grudgingly.  This is just much more entertaining and I do think it may be part of what’s kept the dynamic simmering so much better this time.   It just helps keep us from getting too mundane… which also drive me batty.

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