Thursday, July 26, 2012

Read My Mind

As I walked thru the door, you look up from your game.

“Your home early”, you say.

“Yes, and bearing gifts”, I reply as a pull a brand new flogger out of my bag.  A rich, royal purple suede.

“Hmm” is all you say as you get back to finishing your game.  I set the flogger down on the desk as I head off to go change.  We settle in on the couch, chat about the day and watch a little TV.  It doesn’t take long for the teasing to start.  A little poking and tickling, and I end up on top of you with a fist full of hair.    

“You would make a nice little target for my new flogger” I coo right before I start to kiss you deeply.  But soon, I climb off and settle back down on my side of the couch. You curl up next to me and we finish watching the show.  

As the show finishes up, you get up off the couch and start to undress.  I can’t help but start to taunt you with my bad impressions of cheesy stripper music.  

“Not much of a show for me”, I complain once the clothes are all off.  Your only response is to wiggle your ass at me, grab the flogger off the desk and scamper up the stairs.  

I smile to myself as I collect my drink and slowly follow you up.  I do so love it when you read my mind!

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