Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's not all Hot and Steamy

My blog is often filled with stories of our play time.  It’s what I enjoy writing about and it’s the moments that make me feel all “RAWR”.  Not that I need to feel Rawr to feel all dominant, but it’s what makes me feel like writing about it.  But in all fairness, there are many moments outside of play that I love just as much.

Like when he spent hours finding a garage that was open on a holiday and didn’t cost an arm and a leg to try and get my A/c recharged.  Then he got up early to take my car in only to have them run an inspection of the system and come back with an estimate for repairs that I was NOT going to pay.  But at least with an idea of the problem, he was then able to work with a mechanic friend through half the night, who not only fixed the problem… but did so at a small fraction of the cost the garage wanted to charge.  

It doesn’t always come easy.  Usually the big stuff he jumps in with both feet and follows my intent till the best solutions is found.  But the smaller things, sometimes, require a swift kick.  Like the other day, we had just woken up and realized someone needed to run to the store for breakfast and I had picked him! LOL Of course he hemmed and hawed since he didn’t want to run out either… but a little playful banter and a fun playful shove and off he went.

Other times, it’s the little things he does without prompting that really make me swoon.  Cleaning the whole house while I work, so we can enjoy a quiet evening together.  Surprising me with breakfast in bed.  Organizing the pantry so I can find what I need.  The little things he handles for me, so I can take care of the bigger issues.  

So no, our life isn’t all one big hot and steamy story.  It’s the little things that makes me swoon and feel like a queen that I love so much about him.

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