Thursday, July 12, 2012

Power of D?

D was out last visitor of the night.  Originally, he was tentative.  But about midnight, we received a text from him asking if we were still up.  By 1am, he showed up.  By 1:15, my boy was miraculously healed by the power of D.  Not really healed, but my boy couldn’t stand not to be a part of the energy we tend to create together.  Add into that the fact that my boy had spent the better part of the last 5 hours watching me having sex with others, and his wanton little cuck side won out over his body. 
For the last two hours till we passed out, there he stayed, kneeling bedside, taking whatever attention we decided to give him and enjoying being up close and personal with us.  While the guilt I had felt had long since past… it was this moment I finally felt content with my decision to let the night play out.  It was then that I truly knew what lengths he would go to keep me happy.

It’s these moments that I find so rewarding as a Dominant.  It’s so tough to feel secure in the hard decisions.  The decisions to push, pull or otherwise take him to those places he is uncomfortable in.  It not because these things make me uncomfortable.  More because it’s still hard for me to believe someone likes having these things done to them, so it still shocks me a bit when we step over that line.  But any concerns melt away when he falls into line so well.

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