Monday, December 2, 2013

It's Raining Men!

For Thanksgiving this year, I’m thankful for having such a good bitch who knows how to keep his Mama happy for the entire 4 day weekend.  Poor guy needed nearly 11 hours of sleep to recover and still begged for a two hour nap, once breakfast was done.

Sometimes, when the stars align just right, things just seem to work out so well for me.  This past year has been a little trying on both of us.   It kinda felt like someone had hit the pause button on our lives.  Oh sure, we had fun along the way and we’ve talked about making some shifts in our dynamic.  But things were just so up and down, that it was hard to put much into practice.  But the past month, things have been settling down and we’ve been able to get back into a more steady rhythm to life again.  So with the upcoming, long, holiday weekend… seemed like a good time to kick things off.   What I was to discover was a little magic from a good cuck ensured I would spend the entire weekend happily singing, “It’s raining men!”

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