Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Wanderings of a Sadistic Mind

I saw this post over on Dumb Domme and I licked my sadistic lips.  My mind leapt to dreamy thoughts of his head pinned beneath my foot while I ran this toy all over his ass.  I could just imagine the way his body would start writhing in pain.  I pictured his body tensing up as the pins touched his skin because his mind couldn’t help but dread what was next.  The quick intake of air, as he tries so hard to steel himself from the pain.  Even in my mind, I was anticipating that moment when those steeled nerves finally crack… and I swear I could feel myself get moist.

As I came back to reality and looked over at my boy, snoring so peacefully on the couch… and the fantasy came crashing down.  My boy would take one look at that thing and scream “HELL NO!  Hard Limit” .  See, he isn’t a masochist.  There’s no joy for him, when it comes to pain.  Not to say he doesn’t have a pretty good tolerance for the pain, or isn’t willing to take what I dish out.  It even speaks to his submissive nature at some base level.  But he will never get excited at the thought of being on the business in of my sadism.

As I wandered up stairs to delve into the fantasy even deeper, my mind took a quick left into the thoughts of what it might be like to actually play with a masochist.  Would the experience be all that much different than with my boy?  Do they actually get excited and turned on?  Is it more mental, or do they actually get an erection from it?  Do they scream and cry and fuss from the pain, or is it more moans of pleasure, or maybe a mixture of both?  Are they hot and horny and raring to go when it’s all said and done?  Or do they get soft and small like my boy does?

Another left turn and my mind wonders if I would even like that.  Admittedly, I derive some sick pleasure from my boy’s strong reactions.  I know if I hit him just so, he’s likely to try and rear up, cussing and growling in a way that makes me drool. I love the way his body tenses with the anticipation of the next strike.  I get a little moist from the hurt look in his eyes when I playfully smack him just a little too hard.  

Then somewhere the cheesy porn music starts in the back of my head and I start imagining a scene with some faceless backside that acts just like my boy, but stays rock hard through it all.
Then comes the AHA moment… I just want my boy’s cock to stay hard while I beat on him so I can smack that hard cock too.  Because I do know it would be far more enjoyable (not to mention easier) to smack the crap out of a hard cock then a soft one.

What’s a girl to do?


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  2. Ugh... okay so my original comment got lost. I hate that! It was a funnier, more interesting version of this:

    My last submissive was a masochist. I don't identify as a sadist. I was very honest with him in saying that I wasn't sure I would know what to do with him play-wise. But oh my... fascinating and sooo much hotness!!

    And yes, he stayed hard through all sorts of terribly painful things. I'm thinking specifically of needles through his cock and balls. If he got a little soft, a light strum of the needles and he'd be hard again... amazing, hot!

    If he got hugely endorphined, he *would* go soft, but if I paused, some tenderness, some kissing and... well, hello there!

    I actually loaned my masochist boy to an experienced sadist because I wanted him to have that experience. He did not get hard with her at all. This surprised us both. I thought there was a direct link for him between pain and arousal. But it was more complex than that. It was more pain/sexual attraction/tenderness => arousal. He still enjoyed it, but it was a very different experience from the one he had with me.


  3. Sorry, I don't get many comments here and completely missed this one. On the comments, mine is set to automatically approve, because I'm not on here very often.

    And soooo much hotness! My boy is awesome in what he is willing to take for me, but there's no arousal going on unless I completely stop the pain and add the tenderness and kissing. My mind being what it is, I just wondered how a masochist was different.