Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Ebbs and Flows

So how have the boy and I been?  Amazingly wonderful!!!  Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a nice easy flow to our lives now.  I’ve been working on deepening his submission to me and he’s enjoying every minute of it.  Oh sure, he occasionally complains when I spoil his fun, but he is thriving under the heightened expectations.  Oh, he’d love it if I was a bit more stern, bossy and even a bit bitchy... but it’s really not my style.  I am finding that I enjoy being a bit more sadistically mean and a bit more  demanding then I suspected, and it’s seems to create a better motivation within him on a more daily basis.

Cuckolding has been a bit more stop and start lately.  Between surgery, work and kids, we just haven’t had a whole lot of time to play.  But we’ve used what little time we’ve had to our advantage and met a new lover to add to the mix.  We’ll call him AJ.  He has a quiet dominance that I find rather enticing.  He actually gets off on watching me dominate my cuck, and has even joined in a bit.  He’s also not afraid of getting really rough and has this hard, steady pounding to the way he fucks that literally has my poor cuck peeling me off the floor by the time he’s done. 
All in all, I’ve been pretty content with how the year has been going , except for keeping up this poor blog.  I’ll have to work on that, though I make no promises!

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