Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Picture

We lounged back on the bed, well spent after a couple hours of primal pounding going on.  We chatted a bit about the game on TV while trying to catch our breathe.  As I traced my fingers along the outline of his chest, my mind couldn’t help but wander back to just a few moments before.  I could feel the twinge in my pussy as I recalled the gut wrenching orgasm he had mercilessly pounded out of me.  I wanted more.  I crooked my finger at my boy and simply pointed down.  

Like a good little bitch, he scampered over to the bed and carefully crawled up between my lover’s legs and took that gorgeous cock gently into his mouth.  With his mouth and lips, he caressed my lover’s cock with every ounce of deference he could summon.  As sexy and sweet as this was… somehow, it just wasn’t fitting my mood at the moment.  Instead I reached down and placed my hand on the back of his head, signaling him to pick up the pace a bit.  True to form, my boy’s head began bobbing in a nice steady rhythm.  I kept my hand on his head just feeling the beat of his rhythm.  Then, at the right moment, I applied just enough pressure to keep his head from coming back up.  All it took was a moment before I could hear the saliva started to build.  A little more pressure and his mouth sunk another half inch lower.  The sound changed into that noisy, gurgling sound that happens right before the gag reflex.  Holding it there, I could feel the tightening between my thighs.  I could tell my lover was getting hard just watching me force my boy’s mouth down on his cock.  I could hear the distress in the gurgling sounds my boy was making.  I let go of his head and watched him gasp for air.

“Dirty little whore”

As he blushed, he quickly got back to work on my lover’s cock.  I reached over and grab the camera.  Steadying it in one hand, I grabbed a fist full of my boy’s hair and held him mid-stroke.

“Nasty little slut, time to show Mama what you’re made of”

I began pumping my hand up and down, slowly speeding up the rhythm as I snapped the camera.

“Now, show Mama what a disgusting little cuck you really are.”

At that, I felt him open up his throat, holding his mouth open as wide as he could.  I began bobbing his head even faster, every so often pushing his head down a little lower and snapping pictures all the while.  Listening to his gagging and gurgling, I could feel my excitement growing out of control.  

“Oh, you nasty, filthy, disgusting little whore.  That’s the grosses sounding Blow job ever.  Wet and sloppy.   You’re making a mess down there, aren’t you?”

A muffled responds and more gurgling noise was all he could muster.  I could see that pained look in his face, the tears welling up in his eyes and yet… the adoration never stopped shining through.  I wanted to remember that look.  That look that I know means he is completely and utterly all mine.  I begin to shove his head even deeper  than before.  Hitting his gag reflex a few times, the first tear started to roll.  I shove him down on that cock, as deep as I could make it go.  His body tightens in panic.

“That’s it bitch, take it in deep.  You’re nothing but a filthy, disgusting little fuck hole.  Good for nothing, but being used and abused. Isn’t that right little bitch?”

And at that moment, I pulled his mouth right up to the tip of my lover’s cock and 

Snapped the picture.

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