Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On The First Day of Christmas

 Usually, this time of year is full of kids, family, parties and travel for us.  Kink tends to take a back seat till closer to New Year's when things start to calm down again.  This year, as plans started to fall into place, I realized it would make everyone's life easier if we got our half of the celebrations out of the way early. In doing so, I've inadvertently strung 10 kid free, little to no work, and no where I have to be days together.   My boy and I have been stirring the hornets nest to see what trouble we can stir up... and it looks like it may turn out to be a fun filled week.  So in classical holiday tradition (I'm such a sucker for the holidays), I bring you the "The 10 days of Kinky Christmas".

On the first day of kinky christmas, I bring you a delightful interview I did with the Queen of Spades Diary.  A fun snapshot of how I got to where I am (including some lovely pictures).  In addition, there's a follow up with an illustrated version of a short writing piece I wrote early in my cuckold adventures.

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