Monday, December 9, 2013

We’ll call him Mr. L

As delicious as his pictures were, they didn’t come close to doing the man justice.  His request for my cuck on his knees and a kiss at the door was so easy to comply with as I took in my afternoon delight. He had that sexy, strong, one arm hug that nearly knocked me off balance in my heels.  When his kiss made me nearly weak in the knees, I was glad he was holding on tight.  I would have stayed in that hazy state if Mr. L hadn’t needed to turn to my cuck and say

“Am I gonna have to hold on to these things all night, or you gonna do your job?” indicating the item in his hand.  

I was so embarrassed that my usually very observant cuck had left him holding the bag for so long.  When he still hadn’t moved, I gave him a quick, sharp smack on his face.

“Get his things, bitch”

I don’t ever think I’ve seen him crawl on his knees so fast.  Muttering the whole time,
“Sorry Mama, I didn’t hear.  I’m sorry!”

We quickly forgot him as he scampered off with the bag.  Mr. L pulled me in for another kiss and that’s when I felt it.  The most magnificent cock I had ever felt.  I mean, seriously, it actually felt sexy.  The way you could feel the girth as it wound down his leg made me gush just enough that I had to sneak a peek.  I slowly pulled away from the kiss; just enough to spy on what was rubbing my leg.  As my eyes quickly traced the outline through his jeans, I could literally feel my pussy just give up.
“OMG, I need me some of that!  GIMME, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME”, was all I could hear in my head.  My proverbial version of the “little head” taking over.  Whatever battles we may get up to that afternoon, I pretty much knew I was probably gonna lose.

Mr. L took that moment to instruct my cuck to take off his shoes. We both immediately went back to kissing as my boy took to his task.  After the first shoe came off, I just couldn’t resist myself any longer.  I had to feel it.  I slowly snaked my hand down his back, across his ass (delectable, by the way), and around his thigh, until my fingers caught the outline.  In seconds, my whole hand was wrapped the outline in his jeans.  

Maybe I was being to over eager.  Maybe I should have let him have a chance to settle in first.  But by that point… the pussy had officially taken over and all I could think about was getting that cock out of his pants.  Luckily he didn’t seem to mind one bit.  As I clumsily struggled with his belt buckle, he happily swatted my hand away and took it off himself.  As my cuck pulled the pant legs down, he began unbuttoning his shirt.  I shamelessly groped him as I eagerly waited. My cuck dutifully tugged at the pant legs as Mr. L stepped out, while pulling off his shirt at the same time.  I simply stepped back just to enjoy the reveal.  What I saw made my jaw dropped to the floor.  I think my knees followed suit, as the next thing I knew I was on my knees, between his legs, mouth wrapped around his cock and my pussy in complete bliss about the fact.

The afternoon became a blur of primal, orgasmic bliss as he fucked me on the basement floor, the swing, the bed and last but not least… the couch, after I enticed him enough not to leave just yet!  
 He was sexy, suave, assertive, passionate, forceful, and yet a complete gentleman.  He fucked me like a primal beast that had caught his perfect prey.   Add to all that, he’s the one of the few we’ve met whose actually enjoyed taking a some control of my boy.  He was so comfortable with it; the banter the two of us could get going was just so easy and fun.

 His cock.  

OMG that cock!  It was every bit as amazing as my pussy thought it would be.  Long and thick with that slight upward curve.  I’m not sure I’ve ever actually “worshiped” a cock the way that I did Mr. L's ALL afternoon.


  1. You are one incredible babe!!! In my humble opinion, you are every cuck's dream and fantasy cum true!!! your cuck obviously loved it or he wouldn't have put up with it. Mr. L is also the perfect Bull as well.

  2. Thank you! We do enjoy ourselves quite a bit!

  3. That was one of the most erotic things I have ever read-thanks for sharing!!!!!!!