Friday, August 3, 2012

A Life in Review

The month of July has come to a close, and the kids come home today.  So much of what we have been must be tampered down a notch and I know I will miss it.  Though, it will be lovely to be with the kids again and the lively household they bring with them.

We’ve actually had a really nice mix of play this month.  I’ve been cuckolding him on average about 3 times a week.  We’ve had good play sessions (Just him and I) on average twice a week.  I’ve noticed It’s kept me happy and satisfied in a way we’ve struggled with in the past.  He’s been a wonderful boy.  Ever attentive and loving, while still his usual sassy, silly self.  There’s been such an even keel to life around here that everything else seems to be falling into place.  

I wonder and even worry a bit if the extra smack of reality will undo the progress we’ve made.  Though deep down, I know the worry is unnecessary.  Even if we back slide a bit, as much fun as I’ve had in the past month… I know I’ll enjoy getting him back up to par.  Living this life 24/7 has its challenges, but I do so enjoy a good challenge.

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