Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

For the last couple of weeks around here, life has been relatively vanilla.  Getting the kiddos ready for back to school was dominating the brain cells and left very little for my imagination.  My boy was terrific throughout, handling much of the chore work while I was busy handling the kids.

We did manage to get out of the house one Saturday and ran around town doing a bit of a kinky tour of most of the sex shops around town, followed by a nice dinner out.  Though a shot of tequila and a couple margaritas had me in a silly mood and led to a night full of laughter.  We bought a few new toys, though admittedly, we still haven’t tried many of them out.

We’ve had a great time with the kids, and back to school has gone smoothly, but we are now looking forward to a week of free time to get our “mojo” back.  The boy has been diligently setting up some wonderful entertainment for me this week and his back side has been begging me for attention!

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