Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Pup

Last Monday night we met the Pup.  A nice young gentleman we’ve been chatting on and off with for over a year.  Though not a shy type, he was a bit timid at first.  So much so, he never even managed to make the first move.  After chatting and drinking for a while, I finally order my boy down on his knees in front of me.  Placing a foot on either shoulder, my boy took his cue and dove in.  Thankfully, the pup opened up beautifully after that, though the tone was set and mama was in charge that night.

While not quite on par with D, the pup turned out to be wonderful in bed with a stamina that almost put F to shame.  What I really enjoyed even more about the Pup, was his complete openness and adventurous manner.  We’ve struggled to find many (any really) who really can handle “us” to the fullest, so we tend to keep the level of our kink at more of a dull roar.   So when the Pup started in such a timid way, I kinda of threw a “WTF” attitude to the evening and didn’t worry so much about the filter.  Much to my surprise, the Pup loved it all.  While not an initiator of any sort, he was enjoying being a full participant.  

I’m not sure if it was his youthful, timid mannerisms and looks, or his open, enthusiastic attitude, but I found myself getting mean and nasty with my boy… and loving every minute of it.  At one point I realized as much as I was talking, the only nice, loving thing I would direct toward the boy was the occasional “Good Boy” in praise of lasting thru the tears and the stress.  

I’ve always wondered if that was inside of me.  Not just capable, but to come to a point I could honestly say those things, and mean it.  When he first asked to be my submissive, my cuckold… I didn’t think I could respect a man I could humiliate so easily.  I’ve found it’s not in my nature to do things that feel fake or scripted.  So I was upfront that I didn’t even think I’d want to.  But, overtime, I’ve found that the more I played with my boy, the more I found things I feel ring true to me, to us. Taunting him a bit became easier until it’s now becomes a fun game I play.  I began to wonder how far I would go?  Would I cross the line to the point of no longer respecting him?  Where would I draw that line? 

But as the night went on, I realized that no line was really needed. No matter how harsh or cruel my words may have been, they were spoken from love.  I could see it in his eyes that he knew it to.  This was our weird, confusing, only to be understood by us, language.  Sappy, I know, but really at the core it’s more like such a complete acceptance of who we really are.  To me, that’s what love really is.

The night itself ended much, much better than I expected when it started.  I see the Pup being some sort of project with all kinds of potential.  The interesting revelations and the fun we had being more ourselves, has me looking forward to his next visit.  I’m curious where I may take things next, and excited at the opportunity to find out.  

 Besides… He was a great fuck with a beautiful cock.

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