Sunday, August 19, 2012

Protest much?

“Please be gentle with me”, you plead in such a small voice.

It isn’t the first time you’ve asked this of me.  It’s no secret I have a voracious appetite.  That I love to use you hard and rough.  But this isn’t the first time you’ve asked me that favor.  Yet every time you’ve begged for me to go easy on you… you then turn around and beg me for more.  It used to confuse me a little, but now it makes perfect sense.  I smile as my mind crafts the right response.

“I promise I’ll be gentle, so long as you don’t egg me on. “

You smile that cheesy grim of yours because you know exactly what I am talking about.

“You know the last few times I’ve bent you over… I’ve started off slow, tried to be sweet.  But you just turn into such a wanton little slut, always begging me for more.  I don’t know how you would expect me to keep it under control with you acting like that.”

“Yes, Mama” Is all you reply.  But the sheepish way you hide your face, let’s me know you realize it’s all true.  You quickly head up stairs to prepare yourself, without having to admit the full truth.  

And yet…

Just an hour and a half later, you’re bent over my bed, begging me to fuck you harder.  Desperately trying to grab hold of me to drive me deeper.  

Just don’t know why you protest so much?!?!

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