Monday, August 29, 2011

Ships in the night

The past two weeks have been extremely busy on the home front.  Between the kiddos going back to school, sports and activities kicking back into high gear, plus an ever increasing workload from work on both of us, it’s felt a bit like we were two ships passing in the night.  Too tired to have any real fun and more importantly, too ragged to communicate properly.  The latter unfortunately lead to a rather large argument that hit last Thursday.  It ruptured from a series of missteps on my boy’s part, that I found rather offensive in nature, the last being the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  On my part, I admit to not reigning him in right away, but as my stress level was through the roof and lack of sleep was more than apparent and had been explained… I felt he should have been more conscious in being clear in his communication.  In the end, The resolution wasn’t as satisfactory as I would have liked, but we both agreed that taking the few extra minutes needed to ensure we are both on the same page about things was important when the stresses run high.  

It wasn’t until Sunday that we actually made some time for the needed corrections and some good old fashion beatings to help drive the point home.  Laying him out over my lap, I settled in for a nice, long OTK spanking.  All bare handed, and with a revolving set of intensities, I think we were both a bit amazed at how long and how hard of a spanking he took.  After about 45mins, my arm was sufficiently tired, his ass redder then it has ever been and both of us flying a bit too high to quit now.  I stood him back up, as I teased his cock and balls relentlessly.  He stood there on the shakiest legs I’ve ever seen as I continued this sweet torture for near a half hour.  Edging him over and over again as he thanked me profusely with his mouth and begged me desperately with his eyes.  Finally I relented and let him cum all over my chest.  Before letting him collapse on the couch as he needed to, I lovingly pushed us both off to the shower, teasing him that he’d better clean up his mess ASAP before he got himself into another round of trouble.  I swear I saw a gleam in his eyes at the thought of a repeat of that whole scene.

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