Sunday, August 14, 2011

Claiming what is mine - Part 1

I see you lying there sleeping so soundly. Back facing to me, all curled up on top of the sheets. That cute little ass of yours slightly wiggling with every breath you take, taunting me. My mind begins wander back to the events of last night. With each passing thought, I get a little more wound up, a little more turned on, a little more wet. I reach down and begin stroking the cock I’m still wearing from the night before, trying desperately to find the patience to let you sleep just a little bit longer.
But soon, the excitement gets the better of me and I begin to let it all go. Letting my hand trail slowly up and down you back, each down stroke going a little lower until my hand is now rubbing that which I desire. Letting my finger find that crease in your ass, I begin to slowly tease your opening. You let out that gorgeous little whimper of a moan that tells me, even in you sleep... I know what you really want. With my other hand, I reach down and begin slowly stroking my cock again. Soon, I just can’t wait any longer, and I begin stroking my cock slowly up and down your crack. I linger the head right there at your opening, teasing it, waking it up long before I wake you up. Finally the stimulation begins to get to you, slowly rousing you from your slumber. You roll over onto you back, still clinging to the edges of sleep. But the decisions been made, it’s time to wake you up and take what’s mine. I reach down and begin stroking your cock, watching it get hard. Your moans and whimpers let me know you’re coming around. You breathe shallows up, your body starts writhing with the pleasure, letting me know it’s time.
I gently roll you back over on your side, adding a little more lube on my cock. Again I begin rubbing it up and down your crack. You respond perfectly, wiggling and pushing back against it. I let the head find your hole, my hole, and begin to slowly, gently push it in. A little gasp from you lets me know I’m passed the first ring. I slowly pulse my head right inside your ass and you begin to wiggle and push back on it, desperate to get more in. I let it slowly slide in further, feeling you tense up just a bit as the further invasion starts to register for you. If only you knew how hard I fight that urge to just slam it all in there. One smooth strong stroke to claim again what is mine. But instead I ride that wave of desire in my head, feel the power rush surge up in side and smile. I pause for a moment to look down at the beautiful site, my cock stretching out that ass. Watching that pink little ring turn back white as I slowly pull out. I keep that pace up for a little while. Long, slow, steady strokes… watching each time as my cock slides in a little more and a little more.
But then I feel that wave rising quickly, my pace picking up as it does. My orgasm rapidly taking over, my fingers dig into your hips almost to the point of pain. My other hand reaches up and grabs a fist full of hair. You moan in anticipation of the assault that’s you know is coming. Faster and harder now, I continue to fuck you, but with complete reckless abandon. My moans and screams now matching yours. As tidal wave comes crashing down, I make sure you feel every bit of the intensity I do. My hips shaking violently, my thrust now coming hard and deep. Desperately trying to get every inch of that cock buried deep inside you as I climax. Finally claiming what is mine all over again. Soon I collapse down on top of you, feeling spent… for a second at least.

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