Monday, August 8, 2011

Lazy boy!

You didn’t want to get up this morning.  I tried being nice.  Pulled out all the stops… but NADA.

“Lazy cow”, I thought as I headed off for my shower.  Getting ready as usual, it was finally the hairdryer that woke you up.  I stepped out of the room to finish up.  When I popped back in to grab my shoes... there was your ass hanging off the edge of the bed.  


After being lazy, sleeping in and not getting my breakfast and you think you get to play? I thought to myself.  I was about to turn heel and head out for work, when that wicked little creature in my head said “HEY!”  And I stopped… 

“But it’s such a lovely target, and you are a bit frustrated”  

“No”, I thought..” I need to get to work”

“But it would be so fun!”

“But he didn’t earn fun, he’s been bad”

“Ohhhh.. but we could have fun with that, maybe tease him and work him up.  Make him think this is gonna be fun and then just lay into him”

And at that moment, I realized that wicked little creature had distracted me enough that I had caught myself rubbing that sexy ass with my hand.  Almost without hesitation, the hand swung back and “SMACK”. 


That was it. I was done for.  That resounding vibrations running down my hand made me all wet. 

“I told ya so!”

“I know, I know.. but I really am going to be late, and he’s been a bad boy”

“He HAS been a bad boy… a VERY bad boy!  But no reason WE can’t have some fun with it.  I mean if we have to skip breakfast because his lazy butt didn’t get out of bed, the least he can do is appease you in this way”

And I silently giggled that wicked little giggle of mine in agreement.  By then, my hands had wandered around your hips.  I pulled you in quickly, pounding your ass against my hips.  You were getting turned on, hoping for something hot and heavy.  I stepped back and reach between your thighs.  Sure enough, like the nasty little whore you are, you were hard as a rock by a simple dry humping from me.  “Better enjoy it while it lasts”, I thought “because the beatings will now begin."

It was all with my bare hands.  A steady rhythm of smacks, as I got lost in my own beat.  Bringing you back to me when you tried to get lost in space.  A tender rub, a loving touch, I feel you warm back up to me and I go right back at it.  You try crawling to safety, almost begging.  Makes me smile and yet sets my determination .  I grab the ankle and drag you back to position.  3 good hard smacks… “STAY”… and I hear that whimper of resignation.  One last assult, as you try and find one last fight, but it’s just not there.  

 As I finish I collapse on top of you, pinning you down against the bed. 

 A sweet kiss goodbye and I’m off out the door for work. 

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