Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Claiming What's Mine - Part 2

The intensity of the moment sends you literally flying off my cock and out of the bed.  You stand there half dazed and bewildered yet still full of the lust and longing from the moment.

I watch you intently, so unsteady on your feet.  You shake your head slightly as if you are still trying to shake the final cobwebs, trying to comprehend what just happened.  I see those little peeks at me, at the cock still standing tall between my legs.  I see the traces of longing still in your eyes.  I know the mental debate is coming and I smile as I begin stroking my cock, enticing you on.  My smile broadens as I can see my incentives are working their magic on you.  You get that crooked little grin and then turn away quickly, trying to hide it from me, but inadvertently showing off that cute little ass of yours.  I let out a loud “Mmmmm” at what I see.   It seems to be straw that finally breaks your will as you turn and quickly climb on the bed and straddle me, reverse cowgirl style.   If only you could see the wicked grin that crosses my face.  

I begin caressing your rear as you slowly work my cock back in, very much enjoying the view and the show.  As you finally get near the base, I quickly stiffen my hips to help finish the job.  You let out a loud moan as my hands snakes around your hips, finding the perfect grip right there in the crease and using it to pull you in deep.   You slowly begin to rock, back and forth, up and down.  For a moment, I relax, letting you do all the work, and just watching you work your hips.  Running my nails down you back, I feel that electricity pass between us.  That familiar feeling I get when I know you’re getting lost on me.  The whimpers and moans you let out in pleasure, drive me intensely crazy with lust.  Slowly, I begin thrusting my hips upwards in perfect unison.  I watch you intently, as your head rolls back, eyes closed.  I can barely see then, but I know.   The steady rhythm of a near perfect dance, is lolling you to faraway lands.  To bring you back, I begin quickening the pace.  Once again grabbing hold of your hips, pulling you to me to help you match my pace. That pace which seems to just flow from somewhere deep inside.  

Then I hear it.

The spiraling increase to your moans.  Ahhhh, now I have you.  We both know it.  Know where I’m taking us.  Together.  It quickens my pace as I feel it begin to grow deep inside me too.   It drives me faster, harder in order to make it grow.  That beautiful orgasm that makes us both just float away.  Then right before it explodes, I feel you contort.  It almost stops me.  Then I feel it, warm, dripping down my leg.  I nearly laugh out loud with my utter excitement.   How I love making you cum with my cock up your cute little hole.

It drives me utterly insane with lust, as I renewed my pace; you matching me stride for stride.  Your moans have long since turned to near screams.  Never edging down, never backing off.  Once again, I feel it building again.  Back building with renewed vigor.  Your screams almost mimicking the spiral upwards I’m feeling.  As I explode with my orgasm, I feel it again.  A warm drip on top of my thigh, as I’m feeling my own juices come gushing out.  You literally go flying off my cock, stumbling out of bed completely.  The most wicked grin spreads across my face, even as I’m near breathless.  I see that look in your eyes.  The one that lets me know you are pondering the thought of just how crazy I might really be. 

It makes me smile even wider.

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