Thursday, August 1, 2013

4th of July Trifecta of Fireworks

There’s something about the holidays that always seems to bring the boys out of the woodwork.   I should be used to it by now, expecting it almost… but it still does catch me by surprise, albeit a pleasant one.

We had met an awesome new stud on Tuesday night, and between him and raping my boy… the night didn’t end till 4 am.  By the time we had made it home from work, the exhaustion was in full force.  We ended up crashed out on the couch by 8pm.  When we woke the next morning, play was the last thing on our minds.  The day had been ear marked to finally wrap up some house projects that had been largely ignored… at least until the first text arrive.

It was 6am when it came in.  My sub had intercepted the text and upon seeing who it was, tried hard to be sneaky about it in order to surprise me… but somehow his inspiration to clean house at the crack of dawn made him suspect.  When he started trying to nudge me towards the showers, it was pretty evident that I had a guest on the way and I enjoyed calling him on the carpet for the pretense.  When a few pinches and playful swats on the rump was all I could muster in mocked frustration, I allowed him the anonymity of who the guest was and gleefully skipped off to the shower.

As I emerged, the house was cleaned and ready to go.  As I headed downstairs to wait on our guest, I heard a knock at the door and turned the corner in time to see DM walking in.  I felt my knees get a little weak at the thought of his 11” cock and superb cock smithing skills.  Of course it didn’t stop me from bounding down the steps and right into his arms.   Since he’s not one who’s into some of our more extreme kinky measures, we hadn’t hooked up for several months.  But as we sat on the couch, I realized I had missed his cock a LOT!  Unable to stand it so close and yet so far away… I shut down the conversation, dragged his ass to the bed room (cuck dutifully following behind) and nearly ripped his clothes off just to get a good look at the beautiful specimen.   

For the next hour and a half, that man reminded me why his number will NEVER leave my rolodex.  DM is my longest standing stud.  We met him about six months after my cuck and I began our cuckolding journey.  At 11”, his is the first and only cock I’ve ever actually feared… just a little.  He has a way of fucking me just right, that leaves me both trying to crawl away and begging for more at the same time.  His skills in the bed never fail to leave me as a well fucked, puddle of goo.  Since his kinky meter stops at rough sex… it’s always a good thing there’s never any doubt for my cuck that I had a great time.

After DM left, I grabbed a quick shower to rinse off.  Apparently, while in the shower, a text from D came in.  Another favorite of mine that we hadn’t had a chance to play with for some time.  After starting a new job whose schedule doesn’t work so well with ours, I had kind of given up on seeing him again.  But an accidental run in at a gas station with my cuck had renewed his resolve to “make” some time.   Once again, my cuck went on the stealth in order to give me a nice surprise… but his dilemma was how to keep me occupied well enough that I wouldn’t start bitching about the house repairs.  Like the good little boy he is.. he offered up the only thing he knew he could… his sweet little ass.   Already feeling a bit primal from the morning’s activities, I quickly pounced and in no time was happily lost in strap-on nirvana.  It wasn’t until I heard the “DAMNNNNN” from the doorway that I realized someone had come in.  My startle respond caused me to spin around so fast that my cuck squealed due to the sudden void I left behind.  But I just giggled as I sauntered slowly over to D to give him a nice view before getting my hello hug.  I don’t know why, but something about the sight of me in my strap-on seems to rev D to another gear.    He finds something sexy about the way I fuck my boy.   By the time I dragged him into the room and freed his cock… it didn’t need much coaching to spring to full life.  Still I enjoyed the stretched feeling as I wrapped my lips around his massively thick cock.  For the next hour and a half, I freely enjoyed myself with D’s cock and my boy’s humiliation.

Once D finally left, I put my foot down to any more play time and we got busy getting the house projects taken care of.  As with any project, there are points in time where you have to wait for things to dry.  As such, we had a good hour or two before we could continue and so we settled on the couch to wait.  Then came more texts.  This was a new gentleman that we hadn’t played with yet.  We had attempted a few times to meet up, but either us or him had to cancel everytime.  He was available that afternoon and wanted to know if we were interested.  As my cuck looked at me, waiting for my answer, I stared at the unfinished projects contemplating.  

I’m pretty sure it was my pussy that answered when I said “Fuck it” and told my boy to set it up!  I knew we had a dry spell coming soon, so I might as well enjoy myself while the pickings are good!  All I can say is that it was the best fireworks display I had ever been a part of.

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