Monday, July 29, 2013

Bath Time

He stood there dutifully, with hand extended for assistance.  Grabbing hold of it, I stepped up on the platform and then eased myself into the swirling, hot water of the tub.  Once I let go of him, he hurried off quickly only to return within moments, drink and snack in hand. 
“Is there anything else you require Momma?”  he asked, as he laid everything out by the edge of the tub.
“Not now boy, I think I’m all set” I replied as I settled back into the tub to soak the long week away.  He scurried off to finish prepping the room for the guests later that evening.  I closed my eyes tub to tune him out and sunk deeper into tub, focusing on the bubbling heat surrounding my tired, achy muscles.  

After a while, the heat finally getting to me, I slid up to sit on the edge of the tub.  As I nibbled on my snack, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him engrossed in whatever task he was into.  His facial expressions betraying the seriousness with which he approached it all just warmed me that much more.  I find nothing sexier than knowing my complete pleasure means so much to him.

As my body cooled off enough to take another dunk, I ordered him over to clean me up.  He quickly finished up the task at hand, snatched up rag and soap, and crossed over to the tub.  It only took a moment for him to size up the situation and slide into the tub facing me.  Placing a foot upon his chest, he began to slowly rub the wash cloth gently up and down my leg.  Leaning back and closing my eyes, I got lost in the sensual sensations of the cloth light rubbing up and down my leg, the hot water wrapping around my leg and then rapidly cooling off.  I could feel every ounce of tension just dripping away with the water.

As he finished up the legs, I dipped my feet in the water and playfully teased his cock for a minute before turning around so my back was facing him.  Without any urging, he began washing my back, venturing up my neck and even behind my ears.  I found myself so caught up in the sensations I almost didn’t realize when he was done.  A little pressure on my shoulder woke me from my zen place and I leaned back into him so he could reach the front.  

The skin to skin contact sent us both to lala land.  He nibbled on my neck while he lazily washed my front.  I’d playfully pinch his thigh when he paid too much attention to the breasts.  I rubbed on his legs, wiggled my ass into his cock.  The playful interactions continued for far longer than needed, but no where near as long as wanted.  But guests were on their way… so I suddenly sat up, spun around and planted a deep, loving kiss on his lips.  As we broke.. I leaned back the other way and simply stated…

“Get out of my tub.”

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