Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Little Things

My blogs been quiet lately, mostly due to a bad case of writers block.  I have a collection of stories and thoughts that all got started, but never finished.  Sadly, I'm chalking it all up to my brain being on overload thanks to work and life, plus very little free time for sex or fun.

Most of our days have been spent waking up at the crack of dawn and racing out the door to get everyone where they need to be.  Working my butt off most of the day, then racing around to pick everyone up, run them to their next spot.  By the time I get home, my only thought is how quick can I get to bed.

Even our free time stayed this crazy.  The boy has been inundated with jobs and has been working long hours just to keep up.  If we even managed to both be home and awake at the same time, we're just too sore and tired to get up to much of anything.

That is until my libido poked her ugly head and demanded some serious attention. 

It always makes me giggle when discussions of needs versus wants come up and so many like to harp that sex is merely a want.  Now, granted, I agree... sex isn't a life or death thing for anyone, including me.  But there's life and death needs, and there's happy, peaceful, enjoying life needs.  Sex definitely falls into the latter for me.  I'm sure it can be explained in a sense of chemical reactions and receptors, but that doesn't really matter much when I can feel myself transform into a snarling, snapping, stand-offish person. A soon as I've had a few really good orgasms, I flip right back to my normal happy self. 

Now considering the last 3 weeks, had been nothing but masturbation and quickies... the monster clawed her way out and reared her ugly head Sunday night.  By Monday morning, the boy was told he was banned for any sexual contact until he was ready to take care of the whole package.  By Tuesday morning, the boy took good care of me and I'm back to smiling again.

It's really all about the little things!

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