Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ooops, Missed the Anniversary

Life continues to be full steam ahead and playtime has come to a near screeching halt.  We do find our little moments here and there.  A playful little spank in the kitchen while he does dishes.  A handful of hair as I guide his lips to mine before pouncing him for whatever sex we can find enough energy for.  Though adding in a some recent health issues has slowed even that way down.
In the mists of the chaos, I realized 1 year anniversary of my Blog has come and gone with very little fanfare.  Really pretty typical of me.  Anniversaries just don’t carry much meaning for me.  Kind of like saying YAY.. We made it one year!  When really what’s more important is what’s ahead and where you’re going.  Not that I don’t reminisce or review past experiences.  But attaching a date to when I’m supposed to do this just never resonated with me.
So when it finally occurred to me, I’ve been at this for a while and realized it had been over a year… I had to chuckle at how different my intentions for this blog had been versus where this blog has ended up.
Original, I had thought it would be great to treat it like a journal, sort of the day to day on goings of developing a D/s relationship and my journey towards becoming a Domme.  A way to capture both the good and the bad, as well as highlighting the stark contrasts between the fantasies we create in our heads and the realities of bringing them to life.  Apparently, this was only a fantasy of mine! LOL
What I quickly discovered was that my reality didn’t leave a lot of free time to write on a regular basis.  Between enjoying my boy, enjoying my kinks, raising children, running a household (and a complicated one at that), and working full time in a high pressure job just didn’t leave a lot of downtime.  Add to that, I found it extremely difficult to write about the not so fun stuff that happens and the completely boring day to day stuff.  Instead, I seemed to have gone straight into turning our playtime into fun erotica.  More of a “inside the head of a Domme” approach.  
But maybe, instead of celebrating an anniversary, I thought it would be nice to go back and reminisce about the journey up till now.  Kind of a fun “how did we get here” sort of look.  Especially right now, when there just isn’t much to really talk about going on in our day to day, unless you want the boring run downs of driving here, there and everywhere. 

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